Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service

How can we choose a pest control company that is competent?

As homeowners, tenants, and landlords, we can all control pests in the home by combining preventive measures such as good sanitation and good maintenance practices. Some pest infestations are extensive or difficult to control and require the help of a pest management company.

Selecting a pest management company is similar to selecting any other service. Consider quality and value. Competence and costs are also important. Cost should not be your only consideration when choosing a pest-control service. You should choose a pest control in logan service that is highly competent. Pesticide misuse can damage both property and health. Consider the following before hiring a pest management company:

Do your homework/Take Your Time

Most people want to eliminate a pest infestation as soon as they discover it. Most pest problems can be delayed for a few weeks, giving you time to find a company that is competent and affordable. You should get several quotes from different companies. The majority of companies offer free estimates.

What to ask a prospective pest control firm

How long have you been operating at this address?

You can contact organizations like the Better Business Bureau or the Departments of Agriculture or Attorney General’s Offices of the States to find out if there have been complaints filed against the company for using pesticides improperly.

Could you please provide me with references?

Ask for references from the company to see if they were satisfied with their service.

Is the person performing the service a certified, licensed applicator of pesticides or a technician?

Each company must have a minimum of one commercial pesticide applicator who is certified and licensed in the appropriate service category. Applicators of other companies must be licensed technicians or certified applicators under the direct supervision an applicator.

You can verify licenses by calling the Departments of Agriculture of each state.

Could you please provide me with copies of your pesticide license, labels of all pesticides that will be used and their rates of application?

Reliable applicators can show their credentials, and they will also be able provide you with copies pesticide labels which indicate the correct application rates and precautions, as well as how to apply the product.

Beware companies and individuals who .

  • You can get a discount if you do the treatment immediately.
  • You don’t have an active or listed telephone number.
  • Sell your services to the elderly and infirm who live alone. Check their ID and credentials! !
  • Arrive unannounced and show you the insects they found in your neighbor’s house as proof of a problem.
  • Price per gallon. For termite control, several hundred gallons diluted insecticide may be required.
  • Claim that you have a secret recipe. The Logan., along with the Departments of Agriculture in each state, must register all pesticides. The active ingredients are listed on the pesticide label.
  • You may be pressured into signing a contract if you are told that your home is structurally weak and could collapse if it’s not repaired.
  • Offer a discounted price for immediate treatment.
  • Claim that the U.S., or the Departments of Agriculture of the States have endorsed the product. Government agencies Don’t endorse a specific service company or pesticide product.

Additional Points of Consideration

Some pest control companies provide service contracts that include the treatment of structures for a specific pest. In some cases, such as when warehouses receive crates that are often infested by cockroaches, contracts may be required. Pesticides should not be used routinely around the house unless you have a persistent infestation and other methods of control are failing. Homeowners’ service contracts should include periodic inspections. However, pesticides shouldn’t be used unless pests are present and other methods have failed to control them.

In general, termite control is guaranteed for one to five year. Be sure to check the terms of your guarantee and if you will be charged a fee for yearly inspections. Find out if you are responsible for any structural damage caused by the pest control company if they fail to control termite invasions. The company offering the guarantee will determine how reliable it is.

Cooperate and obey instructions if the service provider asks you to perform certain actions before, during, or after pesticide application. You can, for example:

  • Before the service person arrives, you should empty the kitchen cabinets, remove any pets and personal items that the serviceperson may ask you to remove.
  • Do Not allow pets or children to enter treated areas until pesticide spray is dry.
  • The aquariums should either be removed or covered in heavy plastic with the air pump switched off.
  • Remove any household pets from the area of treatment.

Follow the instructions if the service provider suggests using non-chemical pesticides in addition to pesticides.

A good working relationship between you and your pest control service provider will reduce the use of pesticides and eliminate pests.

Pesticides, by their nature, are toxic. They can cause serious health problems or damage the environment when used contrary to label instructions. Some pesticides can pose more risks than others. 

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