It is almost spring cleaning time, which means it is nearly time to clean up your home. It is easy to forget about sanitizing and deep cleaning rugs. Today I’m super excited to share with you how to steam clean a rug quickly and easily. Continue reading to find out all details.

How to Clean a Rug
Deep cleaning can often leave rugs unattended. Although it is easy to forget to vacuum rugs when deep cleaning your home, when was the last occasion you did more than just vacuum them?

It may have taken a while, if you are anything like me. Don’t worry! I will share with you my tips for deep cleaning, cleaning, and sanitizing rugs today.

What Types of Things Can I Clean With a Steam Cleaner
My HomeRight SteamMachine Elite is a great machine and I use it all the time. These are some of my favourite ways to use it around my house:

Clean your Car
Clean a Couch
Clean a Kitchen Sink Grid
Clean Windows
Clean Toys
Clean your Mattress
Curtains without Ironing: Remove wrinkles
Steam Clean a Suit
Take a shower
Clean tile floors
How to clean a car?

How Do Steam Cleaners Work With Carpets & Rugs
Steam cleaning is a process that uses steam and pressure to clean rugs and carpets. It can break down dirt, grease and grime. It can kill dust mites, and clean your rug.

What is the best way to clean up a large area?
Although area rugs are too large to wash in a washing machine it is important to regularly clean them. I love steam cleaning my area rugs. It helps remove dirt and sanitizes it.

To clean and sanitize a rug, you don’t need to use potentially toxic shampoo. A steamer will do the same job with no harsh chemicals, and only requires water. (I would not recommend using a steamer on a rug that was not water-safe.

Is it better to wash your car or use a shampoo?
A steam cleaner can remove and dissolve dirt, grease and grime as well as sanitize and kill 99 percent of bacteria. Shampoo can leave a residue on carpets and rugs that makes it difficult to re-soil them.

Can I use a steam cleaner to clean my carpet
The steam cleaners can be used on both carpets and rugs. You can use them to deep clean, loosen and dissolve dirt, cut grease and grime, as well as sanitize your rug or carpet. They are easy to use and quick!

Can you steam clean area rog?
Yes! Yes! It’s quick, simple, and effective. It loosens dirt, dissolves grime, and kills up to 99 percent of bacteria.

A few things to remember when cleaning your rug:
Always read the instructions of the manufacturer and be sure to follow them.
Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to follow them.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. SERIOUSLY. Okay.
Some rugs may not be water-safe. I wouldn’t recommend this method.
It is better to vacuum your rug first. Next, vacuum your rug.
Next, vacuum the rug’s back and the floor on which it was laid.
I recommend that you wash your rug in the washing machine if you can.
You can steam clean your rug if you are unable to put it in your washer (most rug sizes are too large)

Why should you clean your rug?
There are many benefits to steam cleaning a rug:

This is a great method to easily clean and sanitize your rug
If you are unable to wash your rug in the washing machine, steam cleaning is an excellent alternative.
Your rug can be cleaned chemical-free
Steam cleaning will refresh your rug
Steam cleaning can kill dust mites
It can dissolve and loosen dirt
It can remove grease and grime
Steam cleaning can help expel stains
It kills up to 99% of the bacteria in your rug and can be used to clean it.
Shoes are covered in approximately 421,000 bacteria. If you have shoes in your home, they can transfer to the entry rug or area rug. Steam cleaning will kill as much as 99% of bacteria so it’s a great way for your house to be as clean as possible.

Step-by step guide on how to steam clean a rug:
Take all furniture and other items off the top of the rug.
Vacuum your rug.
Vacuum under your rug. (Let’s be honest, this has been a while. Now is the perfect time.
You can put your rug in the washer and dryer if you’re able.
To steam your rug, use a steam cleaner to clean and sanitize it.

What do you need to clean a mug?
HomeRight Steam Machine Elite and Fabric Steamer Attachment
Distilled Water
How to use a steam cleaner on a rug
It is very easy to steam clean a rug. I will walk you through the process step-by-step.

A runner rug I own needed to be cleaned thoroughly. It is used every day, and it sits at the front of our house. This rug gets walked on about one billion times each day. It can get dirty so I wanted it to be cleaned and also sanitized.

I cleaned and sanitized our rug quickly. It’s so much cleaner and my whole entry feels so much cleaner!

This is how to steam clean your rug.

Start by vacuuming the rug from both ends.
Vacuume the area where the rug was laid.
Fill your Steam Machine reservoir then with distilled water.
Attach the attachments that you will use for your area rug. To make the handle more long, I used one segment. The fabric steamer attachment was also used for area rugs.
Turn on the Steam Machine by plugging it in and pressing the button to turn the machine on.
Once your machine has been heated, you can release the steam by pulling the trigger. Spray the steam where you need it to clean and sanitize.
Allow your rug to dry completely before you place it in your home.

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