Does Dry Cleaning Damage Clothes

It’s a common mistake to put something into the washing machine, only to find that it shrinks, stains, or pils. Is dry cleaning better than regular washing for clothes? Absolutely. Dry cleaning actually preserves clothes! We’re going to debunk 3 common dry-cleaning myths today so you can better protect your clothes.

Myth #1: Dry cleaning your clothes as little as possible is the best option.

The worst thing you can do is wear your clothes more than once between washings. This is especially true for items that are only dry cleaned. Ammonia from sweat can cause serious damage to clothing, even if they appear clean after a day. Ammonia is responsible for the yellowing of white clothing or the marooning of purple clothes.

Ammonia can cause damage to clothing even when it is not being worn. Even if you hang your clothes in a closet, the longer the chemical remains on the garment, the more likely it is to stain. dry cleaning curtains in adelaide will ensure that they remain as clean as the day you purchased them. Stain removal specialists can also help remove any blemishes which may have developed in the interim.

Myth #2: Dry cleaning is safer than washing clothes at home

Do you remember that shirt which was so vibrant when first purchased, but faded away after a few washings? How will dry cleaning differ if washing at home fades colors so quickly? The majority of people are surprised that dry cleaning retains colors better than traditional washing. Dry cleaning solvents are lighter than water and can be used to wash your clothes more gently than usual. With a seven-point inspection, you can be sure that your clothes are perfectly clean, pressed and ready to wear, with no fading.

Myth #3: Dry cleaning makes your clothes smell bad

It’s time to switch cleaners if your clothes smell like chemicals, body odor or worse. If your clothes smell bad or have a chemical smell, it’s likely that your cleaner hasn’t waited long enough to remove the solvent. This means that soil, sweat and other things trapped in your clothing are being redeposited onto them. Gross!


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