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You’ll be delighted to learn that Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extract is an innovative process. Steam cleaning has many disadvantages. Our process eliminates them all. Cleaning with gallons Leave the carpet backing wet for several days Leave soapy residue that attracts dirt on carpet fibers This revolutionary carpet cleaning method leaves your carpets cleaner, drier, and […]

Checklist for cleaning the office toilet

Cleaning your workplace can significantly impact many aspects of business. It makes a good impression on potential clients and visitors. It is also important for the morale, productivity, and well-being of your employees. A clean and hygienic workplace allows them to focus on their work and not worry about getting sick. It’s important to clean every corner […]

A Clean and Inviting Office Creates a Positive First Impressions

It’s important to make a good first impression in the business world. This sets the tone for all future interactions with clients and influences the public’s perception of your professionalism and credibility.There’s an easy yet effective way to have a big impact on your business right from the start: cleaning. The condition of your workplace speaks volumes […]

Managing Healthcare Cleaning During Flu Season

The cleaning of healthcare facilities is important for many reasons, including patient safety and infection control. By nature, all healthcare facilities are visited by people susceptible to disease, especially hospitals and clinics. By keeping their premises neat and sanitary, facility managers can reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections in their establishments. The following are other reasons why healthcare […]

Commercial cleaning protocols for high-security buildings

The maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in high-security buildings poses a number of unique challenges. These buildings, whether they are government offices, corporate headquarters, or research institutes, require the highest level of security and privacy, as well as meticulous cleaning and maintenance. This article will explore the necessary protocols and practices for commercial cleaning within high-security […]

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