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Furniture Cleaning A to Z

Upholstery Cleaning Services for All Furniture Types No matter how hard you try to protect your furniture from spills, stains, and animals, they are bound to happen. Even if you’re careful and avoid major disasters or small spills on your furniture, it is important to clean the upholstery thoroughly. Many people overlook this task. You may not […]


Chem-Dry, a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise, has recently conducted a study to gain insights into consumers’ household chores preferences. The study aimed to understand how consumers prioritize and approach various cleaning tasks in their homes and how Chem-Dry can better meet their needs. The results of the study provide valuable insights that can […]

Why cleaning your upholstery is important.

Sneezes, coughs, and other respiratory ailments are making you feel down and preventing you from enjoying your house as much as you should. The return to school means more germs in your home. Is there any solution? You bet. Keep your furniture clean in order to keep your leather couch and your suede lounge chair looking their best. Keep your home healthy and clean this […]

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