8 Bathroom Cleaning Jobs

Sometimes, when we clean, we get into a state of autopilot. This is fine because, as we are aware, cleaning is tedious. Therefore, sometimes it’s necessary to shake things up and walk into the room with fresh eyes, asking, “What am I missing here?”. Then, we’ll look at some of the most unexpected and frequently overlooked things you should be cleaning out of your bathroom.

Light Fixtures

Real property is about location and location. A bathroom is all about light as well as lighting. If your lighting is filthy, it’s unlikely that you’ll look into the mirror or dirty areas clearly, so it’s essential to ensure that your lighting fixtures are neat and clean. I have an enclosed fixture for my bathroom, so cleaning it is as easy as dusting the outside.

The ad will expire in 30 days. If you have an open light fixture, it is possible to remove the light bulbs and climb there to wipe them thoroughly. A dry microfiber towel is ideal for getting into all the crevices and corners and giving your fixture a complete and appropriate cleaning. Look at Maker’s Clean Bathroom Cleaning Kit to meet all your bathroom cleaning requirements.

Window Sills

Whether your bathroom is adequately ventilated and if you’re not, it may have condensation forming on the windows during showering. The condensation runs down to the lower part of the window frame, then hangs and forms an unpleasant black and brown layer mixed with the dirt blown in from windows… This is an entire scene! In time, you’ll develop some mold on your window sills. Check for signs that they’re rough or muddy. If they appear slightly blurred or dirty, purchase some mildew or mold cleansers and thoroughly wipe your windowsills. You may only have to do this once every three months, but it can make a huge difference in keeping your bathroom spotless and healthy.

Overhead Exhaust Fan

We rarely even consider cleaning the exhaust fan hanging over our heads in the bathroom since we’re not paying attention. However, if the fan creates a loud and loud rattle when you start it up, you should check it out. If there’s lots of dust stuck in there, the fan will not function properly and will struggle to complete its task. Cleaning it is easy; you only need to grab a trusted vacuum. If you own an attachment for brushing, turn it in, and then get at cleaning the fan. It takes just 20 minutes and can make an immense impact! After you’ve finished, you’ll notice that the fan is quieter and will appear better.

Hair Removal

The bathroom hair is one of those things that we’ve come to accept. However, I can assure you that after many years working as a professional cleaner, I was my biggest problem. If a client even saw just one of their tiny hairs lying on the bathroom floor, the entire process of cleaning became pointless.

I’ve always been thinking of ways to come up with new ideas for getting hair out because sometimes a vacuum will not do the trick. Sometimes, a towel won’t be able to work either! The trick is to use a squeegee with a rubber tip. When you next need to get a large amount of hair from the ground and find it quite stubborn, use a squeegee with a rubber tip and sweep it about to collect hair in an enormous pile. It will be much easier to grab it or, even better, sweep the entire mess away!

Hair Tool Filters

Here’s something I had never considered before I started my cleaning business and that you may not be aware of it. The blow-dryers and hair equipment have air suction parts and vents similar to your bathroom’s exhaust fan. They draw in air to shoot it out at high speed. However, they also collect dust on the filters.

The easiest solution is to cleanse the filter, often using microfiber cloths for the dust and tweezers to remove the tiny dust particles from the small vent holes. A couple of times a year is sufficient to ensure that your hair dryer, and equipment,, are working effectively, and they will continue to do so for an extended time.

Bath Toys

I’ve learned many things about bath time during my 3 + years as a mom. Although we don’t often consider it,, bath toys are dirty over time. The best method to ensure they are clean is to wash them each time you bathe. It is ideal to do this after the soapy water has been drained so that you can remove all soapy residue off of your bath toys, afterward dry them the well as you can.

Now and then, you’re likely to realize that your bath toys are a little some film or buildup. It is recommended for them to get a thorough clean. Fill the bucket with vinegar and throw the toys in after giving them a good scrub. The vinegar can help dissolve any hard water buildup and soap scum. It’s as simple as that! If they’re made of plastic or foam, they’ll be right. These sturdy toys are made to last and will eventually become much more sanitary. After you’re done, give them a thorough rinse, and let the water run off, and then they’ll be ready for the bath! Here are some additional vinegar-based cleaning tips to help you with all your cleaning requirements!


If you consider the biology of plants, you’ll recall photosynthesis, the process by which leaves absorb sunlight and transform them into food. The process becomes more straightforward when the home plants are free of dirt and grime. This is doubly crucial for bathroom plants as they aren’t exposed to enough sunlight. Check out your plants and find that the leaves are dirty, use a microfiber cloth that is lightly dampened and gently wipe them down while securing their underside. In this way, you’re bringing new life to your plants and allowing them to flourish inside your bath.

Fiberglass Shower and Tub

If you own an insert for your fiberglass shower or tub, you’ll find that, regardless of how clean you clean it, you may notice some stain or scratch marks left on the surface. These marks aren’t dirt but stains on the surface and scuff marks. And they can be tough to remove. I’ve recently discovered cleaning and polishing for fiberglass, which works magic. It’s as simple as putting a small dab on the surface and rubbing it on with an abrasive cloth. After that, you wash it off, and you’re finished! It’s the simplest thing to do, making your surfaces appear new and fresh. It can be used on other surfaces around your home, such as metals and chromes, so it’s a great thing to keep all around.

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