Why My Mixer is Not Working

A juicer mixer grinder is an appliance that can be found in nearly every kitchen. A mixer grinder is essential for mixing and blending. This mixer grinder is a time-saver, and a great tool for helping bachelors make things easier in the kitchen. It does, however, wear out just like other electronic juicer mixer grinders.

Here are some things you can do before calling an expert to fix your mixer grinder problem the next time it happens.

Leakage from the Jar

This is a common problem with mixer grinders. Mixer grinders can last for 8-10 years or longer, without any problems. You can tighten the blade assembly with a screwdriver if you find a loose blade inside the jar.

If the blade assembly is not tightening, it could be that the gunmetal (the part attached to the mixer grinder unit) is defective. You can contact an expert to verify and have the gunmetal replaced if you aren’t sure. Gunmetals can be worn out by excessive use and have a life expectancy of more than 3 years. You have no other choice than to replace the broken jar with one made by the manufacturer.

Mixer Grinder Blade Is No Longer Sharp

How can you tell if your mixer grinder blade is worn? If the blade is no longer grinding the ingredients finely, it’s time for a replacement. We recommend that you sharpen the blade with rock salt before replacing it. Put a tablespoon of rock salt into the jar. Turn on the mixer grinder. You will notice a slight sharpening of the blade if you repeat the process a few times.

If this fails to help, you can change the blade. The spanner included with the mixer grinder can be used to do this yourself. Hold the coupler in one hand and place it on the underside. Turn the spanner clockwise to remove the blade. Place the other blade and lock it in place by turning it clockwise.

Mixer Grinder Keeps Tripping

The reset button is located under the mixer grinder. It trips if you use it for too long or grind hot foods. Avoid using the mixer grinder for too long. Allow the food to cool before grinding again. If your mixer grinder trips because of excessive heat, unplug it, take the jar off and examine the appliance. A red switch is located at the bottom of your unit. To reset the appliance, press the switch, plug it in again, and switch it on. This should resolve the problem.

Coupler Is Broken

Blender couplers are used to connect the blender’s base to the jar. After years of use, they often wear out or break. If you blend frozen fruits and vegetables at high speeds, it can cause damage to the coupler. A coupler can’t be repaired. You will need to have it replaced by a professional. The mixer grinder blades can cause injury if you don’t have the right tools to replace the coupler.


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