Cleaning Hacks for People Who HATE to Clean

If you’ve clicked on this article, you probably think you don’t like cleaning, like me. Since I resent cleaning, I started an enterprise in 2006 to assist others like me. Since then, I’ve learned many things about cleaning through trials and errors, experiments, and doing research. Through this, I’ve learned a few techniques and tips, especially for people not keen on cleaning. I want to share a few of them today with you.

Set a Goal

One of the reasons I wouldn’t say I like cleaning is that often, it seems like a never-ending tale. This is why if you want to accomplish something, it is best to begin by setting a goal. If it’s a specific area, surface, or even the amount of time you’ll devote to cleaning, you must first establish an objective. You’ll notice it helps you accomplish your tasks efficiently instead of delaying them. You’ll be more confident about your cleaning routine and feel more confident in keeping your home neat!

Pick a Starting Point

The best way to make the most of the time you’re spending cleaning is to spend your time doing the items that are the most important to you. There isn’t any benefit in cleaning things that don’t make you feel uncomfortable, but it is something you see other people cleaning on TikTok. Also, make a list of the most important things to get completed first!

Most Important Areas

Start by focusing on your MIA’s most crucial areas. They are the ones that trigger your body’s physical reaction when they’re clean or cause you to feel the most. MY HEART RATE IS SOARING when I’m in a messy kitchen, and I begin to be nervous. This is a conspicuous absence and a place I try to keep as neat as possible throughout the day and during my cleaning time. Think about the areas that are the most important to you, and then focus your cleaning time and attention on those areas. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t clean less critical places, but you can forget that you must clean these areas constantly or as soon as possible.

Simplify Your Cleaning Products

One of the reasons for my dislike of cleaning is the overwhelming task of deciding what cleaning products to pick. I suggest reducing the cleaning products you’ve used and reverting to the basics. In the beginning, you can accomplish an incredible amount of cleaning using water and soap, So don’t undervalue this easy combo. Then, add a few ingredients from your pantries, such as baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, and you’ll be good to go.

I’ve seen many people in the cleaning aisle who are confused, trying to decide which items to purchase, creating a mess. So, make it easy and only purchase the things you require. If you’re in search of more easy recipes that you can make yourself, take a look at our ebook, 50 Cleaning Recipes You Can Make Yourself. You’ll find a wealth of cleaning solutions that cost a fraction of the price and will perform better than the store-bought ones!

Tackle Tough Tasks First

If there’s an upcoming cleaning project that you’re worried about the most, take on that task first! This will help you clear the irritants away from your home and let your mind be clear about the next chores that need to be done. If you do this, other tasks will appear more manageable!

Use Quality Cleaning Tools

I’m referring to the tools you use in your trade. Brushes, sponges, vacuums, mops, and Brooms are among the many. They can help you get rid of more effectively and efficiently. When you’re buying flimsy cheap cleaners, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to compensate for the low quality of the tools. If you’re not a fan of cleaning, this is an absolute pain since it will force you to be more arduous and take longer. Therefore, if you can choose, you should consider high-end cleaning equipment and offer yourself the most excellent chances of achieving a quick and clean. Look at Maker’s Clean Whole Home Cleaning Bundle for top-quality cleaning supplies that do the job right!

Ditch the Distractions

We live in a distracted world, and for someone who has to perform a task they aren’t thrilled about, it’s easy to be distracted from the work to be completed. It’s easy to delay cleaning, so I follow a set of rules to clean. I set up the Air pods, put on the podcast, and place my phone where I can see it so that I’m not distracted by my phone or watching for messages. If messages come in, I can read them and respond as soon as I am in the mood.

Sometimes, I’ll turn on my watch or phone on Do Not Disturb to ensure that I’m not distracted from any calls or texts to make sure I spend less time cleaning and become more productive. The more distracted we become, the more opportunities we’ll be able to put off the painful cleaning task. Therefore, let go of distractions and concentrate on the task at hand!

Don’t Over-Clean

I’m one of the few online who talk about cleaning. I will tell you that you shouldn’t spend your time cleaning. I’m convinced that many users online enjoy creating all this content about cleaning and cleaning up things that don’t require cleaning! Over-cleaning is inefficient and can get in the way of completing other tasks. I think cleaning should be completed and put away, which is not something to be obsessed about.

In the same vein, I am also aware and appreciate that there is an array of emotions to choose from regarding cleaning. Some are deeply concerned about cleanliness, while others are just interested in only the minimum. Be truthful with yourself, be aware of the areas you are falling into, and modify your routine to suit your needs.

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