Why is my dishwasher not cleaning the dishes

Nothing can be more annoying than the dirty dishes coming out of the dishwasher. There may be a couple of things responsible that causes the malfunctioning of your dishwasher, but there is no need to worry. We have come up with some quick fixes with the help of which will start the cleaning process once more.

1. Leftovers on the dishes – Chances are quite high that you are putting the dishes in the dishwasher along with the debris in them. It is recommended to wash the dishes first before placing them in the dishwasher; it will not have a tough time cleaning the food scraps. It is possible that the dishwasher is not able to clean those food chunks, and thus they don’t come out properly cleaned.

2. Maintaining accurate water temperature – If the water is not hot enough, the dishwasher might not clean the dishes efficiently. Do a test to check the water temperature by taking the water from the dishwasher into a glass or sink and checking its temperature with the help of a thermometer. If it is not between 120°F to 150°F, consider adjusting the settings for hot water in your dishwasher.

3. Not sufficient water in the dishwasher is one of the most common problems faced almost daily. To clean the dishes effectively, the dishwater should have the required quantity of water. You can also check the quantity by doing a test, starting the wash cycle and when the dishwasher stops filling water inside, open the door to see the water level. It should reach the heating coil. If not, then check for the float valve and the inlet valve whether they are functioning properly or not.

4. Correct detergent type – You need first to check the type of water that runs from your house’s tap, soft or hard water, since different types of detergents available work best with different types of water available. For example, suppose your area gets the supply of hard type. In that case, a suitable detergent should be used to clean the dishes properly, so it is always recommended to know the type of detergent you are buying and ensure that it suits the type of water in your area.

5. Damaged inlet valve – Food particles and other debris on the dishes can sometimes clog the inlet valve, thus resulting in damage to the dishwasher. If you notice or get to know about the damage to the inlet valve in the dishwasher, consider a replacement from the store since trying to fix the inlet valve may break it.

Nothing seems to work, right? Go for the deep cleaning of your dishwasher. You will be amazed by the performance after that since the quality of the wash increases drastically by just cleaning the dishwasher properly. If the problem persists, you should call for an expert to give it a thorough checkup to figure out the main cause.

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