These Stylish Finds Completely Transformed My Dishwashing Area for Under $55

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If you own an automatic¬†dishwasher that you use frequently or you wash your dishes daily, it’s a fact that you’ll have to keep some essential dishwashing items at hand. In our household, we use hand washing to wash dishes and keep a drying rack on the counter near the sink. We keep dish sponge and soap next to the faucet for quick access. We store these items away whenever guests come; however, most of the time, they’re placed in a prominent spot in the kitchen.

As someone at risk of being overwhelmed by visual clutter, I noticed that the sight of the unattractive items would constantly bother me. I’m already annoyed with cleaning dishes; therefore, utilizing visually non-appealing objects certainly didn’t cause me to enjoy it more. Then, it occurred to me that there’s no reason why these items shouldn’t look as elegant as my home decor or bring an element of joy, so I immediately hopped onto Amazon to search for prettier (but affordable) substitutes.

Three eye-catching products that I have found have improved my dishwashing area and also made washing my dishes feel less of a hassle.

Navaris Dish Drainer Rack

The drying racks I owned before were inexpensive wire racks that could be purchased for just $10 in most big-box stores. It was not even equipped with a drip tray, which meant I had to use the drying mat made of fabric underneath it. This would become stale every week. The possibility that rust was starting to form throughout the area only increased my displeasure with it. Enter the Navaris Dish Drainer Rack. The modern design of this sleek metal rack and an elongated drip tray provides an elegant place to dry dishes. I chose the white shade to go with my counters. However, it is also available in two different color options: gray or black. It’s spacious enough to hold dishes, pans, and pots, and the handles made of wood constructed of genuine beechwood are a chic addition.

SUBEKYU Bamboo Dish Scrub Brush

I’m not a massive fan of bright-colored sponges in the kitchen, so I typically opt for brown, eco-friendly sponges made of plant-based fibers. They did the job for the everyday dishes I wash. However, as with all sponges, they’d produce an unpleasant odor after a couple of weeks of usage. They would also break quickly if I needed to perform any strenuous scrub. I decided to upgrade and bought the SUBEKYU Bamboo Dish Scrub Brush. With bristles made of sisal and bamboo handles, I like the fact the fact that the entire brush is compostable. It’s become an indispensable device in my kitchen since it’s durable enough to scrub burnt pieces off pans and pots and gentle enough to wash my everyday dishware and dishes. The ceramic word it comes in collects drops of water as it dries and looks stylish.

Durmmur White Soap Dispenser

As washing dishes is an aspect of life I love to inject some fun in the routine by picking the scent of dish soap that I find pleasant. My favorite scent is like a grove of citrus with the delightful aromas of Clementines. The problem with this soap is its packaging. A lot of text is written within the container. It’s also transparent, allowing the soap’s bright orange color to stand out quite prominently in the middle of my kitchen. When I purchase the soap holder and pour my dish stop in, I can still enjoy my preferred scent while the soap is bubbling away, and the ghastly soap color hides behind a gorgeous white glass bottle coated with powder. A gold-colored pump is the best thing about this, making it easy to dispense my dish soap. It also gives a luxurious look to my sink.

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