Our Professional Cleaners Share Their Best Tips

Our star cleaners have shared some of their favorite tips for keeping your home spotless. The fingerprints on your fridge are just one example. You can also get stains and odors in your toilet bowl or laundry. These 12 cleaning tips are from the professionals of Simply Spotless.

The vacuum cleaner should be pulled slowly

Our professional cleaners’ first tip is to vacuum properly. Most people are unaware that moving the vacuum forward only serves to get it in the right position for your next pull. The most effective way to remove dirt from the carpet is by pulling the vacuum toward you.

Vacuums tend to blow hair and dust around when they are used on hard surfaces. It is, therefore, helpful to first use the wand to collect the dust bunnies. After that, use the regular vacuum head to sweep the floor. Once it is in place, push it gently to ensure it has enough time to work.

Brillo pads are great for the bathroom

It can be difficult to remove soap scum. Use a Brillo Pad to scrub it off every three months. This will make removing soap scum from your shower door easier than other things.

Additional tip: Rubbing lemon wedges over the areas where soap scum builds up can help prevent it from forming in the first instance.

Things that cannot be washed can be frozen

You may have heard the advice to put your jeans in the freezer to keep them clean. This will kill bacteria and keep them clean without damaging the fabric. Another tip from our cleaners is to put things that are difficult to wash into a Ziplock bag and then place it in the freezer.

Domestos in your toilet bowl

Nobody wants to clean the toilet bowl, mainly when it’s dirty. No one wants to see a dirty toilet. Pour some Domestos into the toilet bowl, and leave it for an hour. You can then flush the bathroom, and it’ll be clean. Easy.

Before reusing your toilet brush, make sure to drip-dry it

After flushing the toilet, it may be necessary to scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. What do you do after you have finished cleaning? It was a matter of returning it before I learned about the next tip. 

There’s a simple way to clean toilet brushes. After scrubbing the toilet, flush it and thoroughly rinse the brush. Close the lid of your bathroom on the toothbrush’s handle so it can drip dry for 10 minutes. Please put it back in its place.

Additional tip: You can add more Domestos into the toilet bowl after cleaning a hygienic toothbrush. Scrub it again. It is optional to clean twice as much toilet paper but rather to clean the brush.

Keep your fridge fingerprint free by using olive oil

Do you get irritated when fingerprints appear on your stainless steel refrigerator? Use a paper towel to wipe the fridge doors with olive or baby oil. It will not only remove fingerprints but also help prevent them from accumulating.

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Remove water stains with vinegar

Bathroom fittings that have water stains or mineral deposits are difficult to remove. Use this tip from the professionals. Wrap a paper towel around the fitting, e.g., Let it sit on the tap for 20 minutes. You can wipe away the stains after the vinegar has broken down any stains.

Cornstarch is an excellent addition to window cleaners

It cannot be easy to clean windows without streaks. What’s the answer? Our professional cleaners have another tip: “I mix in a tablespoon of white vinegar with my window cleaner. The cornstarch is a mild abrasive and helps remove marks, leaving the windows streak-free and shining.

Buy a steam cleaner

Cleaning your floor and bench tops with a mop is not hygienic. Even if your bucket is filled with Domestos, a disinfectant, you’ll spread germs when you reach the last room.

Steam cleaners are incredibly versatile and are the most hygienic way to clean a home. Some attachments can clean windows, floors, walls, and benches with a single machine. Steam is an effective way to kill germs and is less expensive than you think!

Additional tip: Use washable microfibre cover to save the environment

Magic erasers: Experience their power

Magic erasers can be used to remove marks from your walls. Magic eraser. Magic eraser. Magic eraser. It’s magic. These products are mildly abrasive but will not scratch surfaces.

Remove stains with white chalk

Here are some tips that our cleaners have for you. Before washing your clothes:

Use white chalk to rub grease stains.

Act quickly to prevent the grease from getting stuck.

Rub the chalk on the color, and let it sit for a couple of minutes to absorb the oil.

Start from the top.

Our professional cleaners have one last tip: clean from the top down. Start at the top and clean the room from the highest point to the lowest. Start with the ceiling fan, for example, so any dust that falls will be vacuumed afterward.

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