Marketing ideas to help you get cleaning business clients

Each house-cleaning business is divided into three parts. Cleaning, marketing, and back office systems are all critical.

Today, we will discuss the third money-maker: how to market your maid services.

Deciding what marketing strategy is best for your cleaning services can be difficult.

Before you can even think about individual tactics, creating a marketing strategy that will turn strangers into paying customers with sparkling homes is essential. (All are managed by the free app for cleaning businesses).

To set up your marketing for success, you will need to establish a brand strategy. It would be best if you also understood the basics of marketing.

We’ll discuss in this article the most important things to consider before implementing any marketing strategies. Share some marketing ideas you can use with your unique message to increase brand awareness. This 21-point marketing guide mixes basic principles and specific tactics to help you grow your house cleaning or maid service business.

Understanding the Three Pillars of Marketing

Marketing is a complex subject, and many people need help understanding what it is and what it means to your business.

You don’t have to follow the lead of other cleaning companies.

Three key pillars are essential to remember, regardless of your marketing strategy or tactics.

All marketing campaigns are based on the same foundations, whether it is ads on Facebook or direct mail, yard signs, door hangers, or other forms of advertising, as well as networking, referral programs, and promotions.


It is essential to reach out to your ideal client several times.

We live in a boisterous and saturated environment. Expecting your target audience to buy after hearing about your offer once or twice is naive.

This is the same as standing in front of thousands of people and shouting your offer at one specific person.

It’s impossible to imagine prospective clients holding up a flyer featuring your spring promotion, like Mufasa’s cub from The Lion King.

I know it’s a pain, but that’s how things are. People are constantly being yelled at and sold to.

You can market your cleaning company without being pushy, annoying, or selling. Find out how you can reach your ideal clients in a non-sales manner by reading the following section: Provide free, valuable content to your target market.

This video by maid service expert and marketing specialist Joshua Latimer provides further insight into the three pillars of marketing.

You can target your customers by knowing their demographics

Most cleaning businesses make the mistake of trying to please everyone.

This is a surefire recipe for disaster.

You need to know who your clients are and what you’re looking to achieve with them.

You can then use this knowledge to help you develop your marketing strategy.

Your message will be written for you when you have the answers to these three questions.

You won’t talk about the cleanliness of your kids’ playroom if you’re targeting retirees.

You might imagine a clean, ‘hotel’-like apartment for young professionals that are ready to host a Friday night dinner with friends.

When writing or creating your marketing materials, remember your target audience.

View this video for more information on why and how you should understand your target market.

This video will give you more insight into reaching your target audience.

Now that the basics are covered let’s look at specific tactics and tips. Consider whether your brand and target audience will benefit from giveaways, mailouts, video content, or SEO.

Throw a Party

A small party can be a fun way to show appreciation to your customers and connect with your community!

Invite your top 10 customers to a barbecue or picnic in the park (if budget permits). Rent some lanes in a bowling alley or small recreation space.

Let them know that the invitation is “no strings attached” and to invite a friend. You want to thank them and show that you appreciate their patronage.

You can be sure that when their friend or neighbor asks them for a recommendation on a cleaning service, they will sell you to you!

In this video, I discuss why (and how) you might want to consider a small gathering with your clients.

Help your customers find you online

Your website looks great.

The internet is not where “if you build, they will come.” With some assistance.

Your website and business can benefit significantly from using SEO techniques.

You can use this technique to increase your website’s ranking in search engines like Google and attract more quality traffic.

SEO may seem daunting, but I recommend you spend only a little time studying it (unless that is what you want). It is still essential to know the basics to improve the searchability of your website.

It would take a whole article to explain how SEO can help your marketing efforts and get you clients for your cleaning company.

This short video provides an overview of SEO and how you can use it to improve your maid service’s website. The video will give you a deeper look at SEO, Google, and advertising.

Impress New Clients

It is essential to make an excellent first impression to get repeat business. Roll out the red carpet to provide five-star customer service at all times.

All of us are customers, and we all know what it feels like to receive bad customer service.

When we experience poor service, we also tell our friends and family.

You want something else for your maid services. Create a customer service policy and ensure every staff member is trained.

This policy may include going the extra mile to show clients that you value their business. You can do this with holiday gifts, welcome packages, thank-you cards, quick replies to messages and calls, or even a simple thank-you card.

Authenticity is the key to any 5-star program of customer service. If you can connect with your clients meaningfully, they’ll feel appreciated and valued and more likely to recommend you and your team of cleaners to their friends.

Watch this video for more tips and ideas on how to provide top-notch customer service.

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