Janitorial Cleaning tips from the experts

It is essential to maintain a clean and fresh environment for your employees, as well as visitors who come into your business. This is especially true when everyone is more aware of the risks. Employees who feel comfortable at their workplaces are more productive and satisfied. We put together this list of cleaning tips for the office to keep up that positive energy.

One of the best ways to protect your business is by hiring a professional cleaning service like Office Pride Commercial Cleaners. There is always a way to improve efficiency, whether you hire professionals to clean your office three times a day or seven days a week. Office Pride’s experts have ten tips on maintaining cleanliness in the office.

Create a regular cleaning routine and checklist

Cleaning the office should be part of your daily routine. Establish a weekly cleaning schedule to ensure other tasks notice this chore. Assign specific tasks to each person. Each team member should maintain their workspace, including equipment and desks. You can assign tasks in common areas, restrooms, and break rooms.

Keep cleaning products readily accessible

Store all cleaning products in a central location, such as a closet, or another place, like a mop and vacuum cleaner. It is easier to transport cleaning supplies around the office with a carrier. Do not hide your vacuum cleaner behind any other items. This will make it easier to reach when needed.

Keep your work environment clutter-free

To keep individual offices and cubicles tidy, start by reducing clutter. Plants, photos, and other personal items are great, but staplers, scissors, and other items should be kept in files or drawers. Use one part of your desk for all computer-related tasks and another for different things. Keep a junk drawer and arrange your paperwork and files if you want to. Document trays help you to identify items that need to be read, signed, or filed.

The most crucial tip for janitorial cleaning: Establish a pattern when dusting and wiping

A pattern will keep you focused and help to ensure a thorough cleaning. Dust from the top shelf will likely fall on lower surfaces, so you should work from top to bottom. To limit streaking, wipe consistently. For example, use an “S” shape starting from the right and moving left. Use the eye-level check and examine surfaces while crouching. What appears “off” in the light or looks different?

Sanitize high-touch spots

Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean light switches, doorknobs, file drawer handles, refrigerator/microwave handles, and other high-touch items in the office and common areas.

Clean electronics

The computer keyboards and screen are the most-touched areas of the office. They require extra sensitivity. Encourage your staff to avoid eating at their desks or over the computer.

Here are some keyboard tricks to try:

Shake it vigorously over the trashcan to remove any crumbs or particles.

Use compressed air to remove any leftover junk.

To clean the keys, use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. Then wipe with a disinfectant on top.

Weekly, vacuum carpeted areas. Mop the hard floors.

Vacuuming carpets weekly is essential because dirt, dust, and shoe bits accumulate faster than you realize. Mop another flooring to remove spills and avoid sticky buildup is also necessary. At least once a calendar year, you’ll need to hire professionals for steam cleaning carpets and upholstery.

Remove trash daily

It may seem obvious; however, emptying your trash cans daily and removing all food waste is necessary to avoid odors, overflowing bins, and unwanted rodents. Pro tip: Store new trash can liners in the bottom of your can so you can easily replace the old one when it is removed.

Clean bathrooms regularly

It is probably the least desirable chore, but you should wipe down bathroom sinks, floors, and toilets with disinfectant cleaner every few days. It’s nice to add a mild air freshener.

Cleaning the coffee pot, microwave, and refrigerator in your break room is a great way to boost janitorial cleaning

Cleaning products that are disinfectant should be used to wipe down kitchen and break room appliances (inside and outside). Plan how to dispose of the food in your fridge before it decomposes.

Does it sound like a lot to do? Yes, it is. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning is the No. One of our top janitorial tips is to hire professional cleaners to do the dirty work. Cleaning services that have been trained work more effectively and harder while improving employee satisfaction.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services provides a wide range of janitorial services, including sanitization and disinfection, as well as special services for all industries. Our cleaning teams will work around your preferred schedule. Check out Office Pride franchise locations or call 888-641-2310 for a custom quote and ensure your employees and customers are in a clean, healthy environment.

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