Best Pet Hair Remover: 5 Simple Tips

There are many great benefits of having pets. My pet cat, Molly, over the past 12 years, has taught me myriad new things. One of them involves the universe of hair from pets. Can I say I did not know how much hair one cat can shed?

Today, I’m a professional at removing hairs from my pets; however, when I first had my cat, I wasn’t sure how to proceed! I can assist you if you’ve got enough hair on your sofa to make the perfect sweater. These suggestions will help keep your home and furniture clean even when you have a shed-prone cat or dog. If you’re reading this post, you must read Tips for Cleaning Your Pet pet items you should be Cleaning also.

The Rubber Glove Trick

My cat enjoys playing on the soft surfaces in my home. The sofa or armchair, and the footstool. In essence, any furniture that the hairs of cats cling to is the area she’s. I clean these areas whenever I vacuum the home, but if I’m not ready to break open the vacuum cleaner, a different option is to use rubber gloves.

Begin by putting in your gloves made of rubber. Apply pressure on the material’s surface and rub your gloved hand across it. You’ll notice that hair from pets quickly starts to appear and down the glove. This is because the rubber’s friction pulls pet hair away from the couch’s surface. It’s like magic; you have to run your hands across the furniture’s surface, and it’s instantly cleaner. It’s an excellent method to eliminate pet hair from the table quickly. However, it’s not a substitute for regular vacuuming.

Microfiber Cloths to the Rescue

My cat has difficulty refusing to be seated on a pet bed. When I purchase one of her own, she ignores it and gets comfy in the chair. She loves sitting on our kitchen chairs padded with velvet as she’s a long-haired cat, and they’re generally covered in fur.

A moist microfiber towel is an excellent method to clean your furniture quickly and effectively. You must gently moisten the microfiber cloth and then wash your furniture using short strokes. Then you’ll be amazed at how hair disappears. Like the rubber glove, the friction attracts pet hair and then transfers off the upholstery onto your cleaning tools.

If you’ve followed Clean My Space for a time, you’ll know how much I love microfiber rags. For more ways to use this incredible cleaning tool, read 27 Ways to Utilize Microfiber Cloths.

Squeegees are for Upholstery Too

Similar to a glove made of rubber or squeegee, a squeegee that is rubber- assists in removing pet hair from a carpeted or carpeted area. It’s not a substitute for vacuuming. However, you can quickly perform it to wash just one or two things each time.

You’ll need to squeegee your couch, carpet, or any other upholstered piece you’re trying to clean. Make short, quick strokes to achieve the most effective results. When you flip your squeegee, you’ll see pet hair growing on it. You can pull that off and throw it into the trash. Do this while you clean to ensure it doesn’t pile up, and then begin to get it back on your sofa or floor. I prefer having the trash bin next to me while I clean to make it easy to clean up.

If this is a familiar-sounding scenario, you’ve probably observed it before on TikTok. Carpet Squeegeeing has been a popular clean-up trend in #cleantok for quite a long time. Please read it in my article, Carpet Squeegee: TikTok Cleaning Hacks.

Lint Rollers for Quick Fixes

If you’re a pet owner and you own a lint roller. It’s an excellent tool for pet hair in the middle of something. You can pick it up and tackle the pet hair in a moment or two minutes. Many move the lint roller over their sofas to remove pet hair. It’s a possibility. However, it’s not as efficient as other methods and is inefficient.

I love using my lint roller when working with a corner or the surface is textured and difficult to access using other tools. I cut off a sticky sheet to work into corners, tufts, or any other area I work with. Similar to a lint roller, it collects pet hair, crumbs, and other debris found within your furniture.

Vacuum Attachments Are a Must Sometimes

There are plenty of methods to reduce the need for vacuuming; in some cases, vacuums are your best choice. For example, I have a footstool made of velvet in my living room covered with tiny tufts across the surface. I find this type of surface complex to clean due to its unevenness. Therefore, I typically bring out the vacuum whenever I need it cleaned.

The most important thing to remember when vacuuming pet hair is to have the right equipment. Most people employ a handheld vacuum to clean furniture for pet hair. It’s excellent if you’re using the correct type of attachment. My handheld vacuum has a motorized head, which will dick into the fabric and pull hair out. It also has an extension that appears like a lint brush. It’s also beneficial when dragging it across a carpeted surface to raise pet hair.

If you’re still seeing lots of hair on the floor after vacuuming and vacuuming, that means you’re not using the proper vacuum attachment or your vacuum isn’t suited to the task. If this is the case in your home, you should consider buying a new vacuum to do the job correctly. If you’re shopping to buy a new vacuum, check out Which Dyson vacuum Should You Purchase?

Best Pet Hair Remover

The million-dollar question is: What is the most effective way to get rid of pet hair? It depends on the kind of furniture you own and the pet hair-producing areas in your house. Using a squeegee might be the right option if you’re having trouble with a couch or carpet. If you’ve textured furniture, like mine, using a lint roller could be the best option.

Use these suggestions and tell me in the comments below which option is best for you. Remember, there’s no substitute for regular vacuuming! An excellent upholstery attachment is your most trusted companion. Apart from your pet, obviously.

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