Are you sick because of your office space?

You have probably taken sick leave at least twice. It may have been a family member or even the weather that made you ill. But that was not the case. You may find that you are sick a lot, but it is not because of you or your environment at home. It could be your workplace. If you notice that a cold or illness is spreading quickly in an office, it could be caused by the building. Unclean surfaces, poor air quality, and dirt from everyday life can all contaminate and harm your workplace. These factors can affect your health, and you should know what to do about them.

Unclean Surfaces

When surfaces are not cleaned, they can collect germs and bacteria that then travel to your skin. Do you have to wear gloves all the time and not touch anything? Not necessarily. This means that surfaces at risk in the office need to be cleaned regularly.

What surfaces are most susceptible? According to studies, office coffee pots, as well as buttons on printers and copier machines, carry more germs. The number of germs on door handles and water coolers is comparable to that found on a cutting board. These surfaces are dangerous because most people touch them.

Machines and appliances in the office¬†need to be cleaned frequently. It’s also a good idea to keep wipes at the office.

Poor Air Quality

You can also get sick from the air in your office. The “sick-building syndrome” is a condition that has been linked to mass illnesses in a building’s population. Multiple factors can cause the Sick Building Syndrome, and any one (or more) could affect your building. These include:

Carbon monoxide can affect high-rise offices above parking garages and loading docks.

Smoking areas outdoors can be sucked into ventilation systems that could draw in smoke.

Revolving door that can absorb outdoor pollution.

Renovations to buildings can release paint fumes and dust into the air.

Office machines that emit ozone or other chemicals.

You are often unable to open windows in your office. This means that you have to deal with these pollutants. In most buildings, there is not enough fresh air pumped into offices.

A separate issue is air quality. This is a disease that has a connection to the building. Dust and mold can cause colds, allergies, and asthma.

Air ducts and ventilation should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid illnesses caused by poor air quality.


Yes, even dirt can make you sick. This is not just a problem for those who work outside. Dirt that gets tracked into your office can have a negative impact on your health. The dirt could be breeding bacteria and mold if the area is damp. It can cause illness and trigger asthma. Dirt may contain tiny parasites that could cause serious illness. It is important to clean your carpets as well as ceiling and floor tiles and upholstery.

Office Health and Productivity: Improve Your Office’s Productivity

Many things in your office can be dangerous to your employees. Your office is less productive when employees call in sick. Customers who visit the office may also become ill. This can keep customers away from your office, and it may also result in liability if you fail to maintain the space. The business could slow down if management members fall ill.

Crewcare will help you to maintain the safety and health of your employees. Our¬†cleaning services will improve the air quality and safety of your office. Carenote’s online system allows you to track results in real-time and ask questions. We value the health and safety of your staff as well as the environment. Therefore, we never expose you to harmful pollutants and pesticides. You can be assured that the equipment and valuables in your office are secure because we value security. Our system is easy to use and comprehensive, so you won’t have to repeat cleanings because of inconsistency. We will keep you informed about any issues and work closely with you to monitor results.

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