12 Days of Clean: Five-Minute Bathroom Clean!

Oh No! It’s noon, and you’ve discovered that your guests will arrive earlier. With little time and no time to waste, you have to get started cleaning! So, what will you do if you are in a hurry and need to impress your guests? Concentrate on these five places, and guests will not be aware of the sock beneath the mattress and the dusty bunny on the nightstand.


Loading will surely be utilized at least once by every guest, and the bathroom is a very high-use space. Determining which bathrooms you wish to make available to guests and which are exclusive to private use is possible. The first step is to ensure that every item has a home. Disorganized counters and messy cabinets can leave a wrong impression on your guests’ mouths. It’s inevitable to snore, but you wouldn’t like your guests to feel the pain of a rogue avalanche upon opening the cabinets.

Second, ensure the surfaces (counter lights, mirrors, light switches) are cleaned thoroughly. Streaks and fingerprints are the signs of a space that hasn’t been adequately cleaned. Are you worried about your mother-in-law believing you didn’t tidy up before she came over? After you’re done, ensure everything you’ve left is arranged perpendicular or parallel.

Thirdly, clean your toilet. It’s as simple as cleaning the entire bowl from top to bottom outside, then using the traditional toilet brush to scrub and disinfect your bowl. If you’re hosting guests, it is advisable to clean your toilet so that it smells good and clean.

Finally, focus on those floors. Floors must be vacuumed to eliminate any debris and followed by mopping to make it shine. Just doing half the work isn’t enough this time. If you have carpets with decorative designs, they can be cleaned, and apply the lint roller to make it a simple and quick cleaning.

Since you’ll be hosting guests, It’s also recommended to ensure that hand towels and toilet roll rolls are on hand.

If you’re searching for more bathroom hacks, we’ve provided plenty of Bathroom Cleaning tips!


As the center of the holiday celebrations, the kitchen will become dirty. How can you be sure to keep it tidy amid the chaos? Please keep it clean while you move. A pile of dishes in the sink or drips of food on the counters make cleaning even more difficult later. Be sure that spills are washed away, the words are passed while you’re at it, and any food items used for baking or cooking reasons are placed in their place after you’ve finished using them. This will spare you from an enormous cleanup later.

After completing a lot of your baking or cooking, ensure you sweep the floors. This allows you to sweep up and keep your kitchen tidy from the top to the bottom. If anything falls, there is a simple cleanup. Cleaning your floors too soon could result in more work. The last thing you want is to mix up cookies only to have flour all over your newly cleaned floor. Be aware of what you must accomplish and when you should complete it.

Living Room

This is where the majority of your dinner-time socializing will take place. Kids are playing on the floor, or friends are sipping wines on your couch and delicious desserts on the coffee table. And we’re sure you do not want anyone to mention the pile of papers on the table or the accumulated marks on the carpet. It’s the first thing to do is to clear the clutter. Be sure that everything has been put in a spot and, If it doesn’t, locate one. It isn’t a good idea to expose anything to the public you don’t want anyone else to observe (and decide to judge you on! ).

Then, clean all surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Always start from the top so that you don’t contaminate the area you’ve cleaned. Be aware of the areas that are prone to dust- lampshades, coffee tables, your television, and the covers of those books that you used to read a while in the past. Don’t let someone open the book to find an engulfing cloud of dust. Also, you can quickly clean your sofa and other furniture in your room using a dry cloth, as vertical surfaces can attract a considerable amount of dust.

It’s time to take care of the floors after. If you’ve got carpet, it’s worth cleaning any stains and returning to that space later. Whether it’s hardwood, flooring, laminate, or anything else, cleaning it, particularly with festive decorations likely, to draw attention to themselves is essential. Be sure to remove all furniture and obstacles from your path to make the most of the cleaned space. If the floor is dirty, cleaning it with a damp mop could be beneficial in case of visible staining or footprints. However, ensure you know the proper methods for cleaning floors before applying any cleaning or liquid products on the floor.

Complete the task by ensuring all pillows are correctly placed and folded neatly, and everything placed on a table or shelf is set up parallel or perpendicularly to make it visually attractive and less cluttered for your guests.

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It’s impossible to predict what kind of gathering you’ll have or the person staying for the night. If you’ve got a guest room, ensure it’s clean and ready for anyone who could (or could) be staying. The bed must be cleaned fur, nature sprayed, and floors cleaned. Everything on the counter should be laid out parallel or perpendicular to the counters; pillows should be cleaned and arranged neatly. The blankets should be tucked away on a chair or placed at the foot of the bed. For a bathroom connected to a guest bedroom and bathroom, please give it a quick check and focus on the areas essential to the bathroom we discussed earlier. It’s also a good idea to provide necessities to your guests- toothbrush and toothpaste, a spare blanket, some pillows, and whatever else will help them feel more at home. But not so much that they’re not ready to leave!

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