Why You HATE Cleaning the Bathroom

When a bathroom gets dirty, it is a challenge for me to force myself to wash it. The thing is, I love having a spotless bathroom; I love getting ready there while doing my business there or just relaxing in there; however, I have a hard time getting it clean. It’s stale, smelly, and needs a good scrub!

We recently conducted an online poll for feedback on our Clean My Space Community tab, and I’m happy to report most of our 15,000 participants decided to go for the bathroom. Let’s look at why you don’t like cleaning your bathroom and then at some practical solutions to help you get through your day.

Time Consuming

AdThe bathroom is one area that takes the longest within the home to keep clean. What is it about bathrooms that make the tiniest spaces of our house require the most significant quantity of work? It’s because plenty is happening in the bathroom, and many small things need particular attention.

The countless sloppy corners and crannies that each have their issue to resolve… All that’s required here is a strategy! Establishing a routine and knowing what must be accomplished will help ease the fear that is so overwhelming with cleaning the bathroom. The most important thing is to set up a system place to allow you to take off on autopilot and quickly get to the toilet!

It Stinks

Bathrooms smell, which can be an issue when it is time to clean toilets, so let’s explore some ideas that could be done to combat this issue and make the experience more enjoyable.

Then switch on the fan and then open your window(s). This will assist in removing the unpleasant smells and allow the room to move. Also, you can utilize an air purifier or a diffuser of essential oils. They will bring a refreshing and pleasant smell to the space.

You don’t want to consider this a way to mask your odor. Masking isn’t the solution, particularly when experiencing persistent odor problems. If you have these issues, fixing the root issue and performing a thorough cleaning is ideal.

If your sinks and shower drains smell, you may need to consider cleaning them or improving the water flow. If you’re experiencing a smell emanating from the toilet, it’s best to pull off the toilet bowl cleanser and the scrubber. Take care to eliminate the source of the scent, and then address the root cause.

Hard Water

Hard water, particularly in bathrooms, is tough to clean. No matter the source, whether it’s your faucets or accumulated within your bathroom, it could be a challenge to clean these hard water spots.

I would recommend using an excellent Calcium lime remover or a full-strength vinegar solution to get rid of the stains, but I ensure that it is suitable for use with the surface I’m cleaning. You could also try a water softener or squeegee the glass. If you do this often, you’ll be well on the way to avoid any hard water buildup in time.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is an absolute displeasure when you enter into a shower or bath. Eliminate the scum using two simple actions. First, ensure that you clean your surfaces following every storm. After that, use a great all-purpose cleaner and wipe clean any scummy surfaces.

The Straight Poop

I attempt to tackle the cleaning of the bathroom rationally. I begin with a plan and ensure I have the proper tools. Thank you for letting me share my best bathroom tips with you. And don’t forget to download the bundle of E-Books! It contains three great electronic books (Complete Guide to Essential Oils, My 3-Wave Cleaner System, and 50 daily cleaning tips) to get you going in the right direction!

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