What your housekeeper wishes you knew

These 12 tips will help you to build a successful relationship with your housecleaner.

Hiring a housecleaner is like getting a liferaft while drifting on the sea. Your house will be sparkling in a few hours and for a flat rate.

You may see clean floors, fresh-smelling furniture, and dust-free curtains and blinds, but the reality is far from that. Cleaning a house is a physically demanding job that exposes a person to harsh chemicals, potentially uncertain environments (imagine having to head into multiple strangers’ homes each day), and historically low pay, as domestic workers are three times more likely to live in poverty than other types of hourly workers, according to a House Cleaners offer a valuable service to their clients. They should be paid (and treated) accordingly. These 12 tips will help you set your house cleaner up for success.

Communication in advance is essential.

Alex Varela is the general manager at Dallas Maids. If you don’t ask for (or read) a list like this, you may be misunderstood when you discover your cleaner didn’t do the laundry or clean the dishes. Varela says customers should know what service they get during the booking phase. If you have any questions or require extras, please answer them in advance.

It is also important to receive honest feedback.

Mia Woodruff is the manager of CottageCare, located in Colorado Springs. We want it right. We can only fix something if we know it’s right.

Please do not stand on the shoulders of your house cleaners while they are working.

Steve Evans, the owner of Memphis Maids, says house cleaners are most concerned with their clients knowing how they do their jobs. In some cases, [customers] chase cleaners throughout the house while criticizing and commenting on their work. It is disrespectful and can cause the cleaner to take longer and make mistakes.

Woodruff reiterates this sentiment and adds, “Don’t bother me.” We can walk through the house before I leave.”

You should be aware that the time given for cleaning a window is not fixed.

Many customers expect cleaners at their homes at the start of an arrival time window. However, most companies will provide you with a window of time, says Johnny Pallares of De La Rosa House Clean, located in Phoenix.

He advises, “Be polite about this.” We want to provide the best possible cleaning for you and all of our clients, so this window allows us a little breathing space in case of any unexpected messes.

Please pick up your child’s toys.

Pallares says, “Please pick up your kids’ or grandchildren’s toys if you have them.” If toys are all over the floor, it’s impossible to vacuum, so I spend more time picking them up and less time deep cleaning them. I have limited time to clean each customer’s house, and picking things up off the floor makes that process slower.

Kimberly Gonzales of Evergreen Eco Clean in Milliken, Colorado, also agrees and adds, “Please pick up the things and have them put away.” It takes longer to put things away and pick them up, which is fine. But we will charge you more.”

Fido and Fefe: Keep them under control.

Your house cleaner may love your pets, but they do not like pet aggression. Woodruff notes that just because your dog does not bite doesn’t mean that growling can’t be scary. Please put aggressive animals to one side.

Speak up if you are allergic to chemicals or prefer certain cleaning products.

Pallares says, “Let us be aware of any chemicals you may be allergic to or prefer.” Let us know if you prefer a particular floor cleaner or have a favorite scent. Purchase it before we arrive. We will gladly use your existing stock, but please ensure you have enough.

Canceling the scheduled day of cleaning can cause severe problems for our business.

Pallares urges clients to call their house cleaners a few days in advance. He notes that many customers think they can schedule a cleaning anytime. However, cleaning companies that serve multiple clients need help to do this. Our team is scheduled for a whole day of cleaning, so if you are away, we will be cleaning someone else’s. It is nearly impossible to reschedule on the same day.

You should only expect a quick service if your house has been cleaned for ten years.

Woodruff notes that some houses last had a thorough cleaning in years, or even ever. Please don’t complain if you can’t remove ten years’ buildup within three hours.

Be considerate if there is bad weather.

If you want to ensure that your house cleaner is treated like any other guest, ensure that the pathways leading to your door are not slippery from ice or snow. Gonzales asks, “Please shovel our snow for us.”

Woodruff emphasizes that if you hire the same housecleaner repeatedly, knowing their name and speaking with respect is essential should appreciate the hard work that your housekeeper has done to make your home shine.

Gonzales says, “I once cleaned the kitchen, and this family asked me to clean up after they ate lunch. I never returned to that house. This shows they don’t care about me.

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