The pros and cons of cleaning kindergartens vs. high schools

Cleaning and janitorial personnel play a vital role in every place of education. A healthy and clean school environment is essential to student productivity and success.

What is the difference in cleaning between schools? Do you prefer to clean up after younger or older students? This article examines the importance of a clean school and the differences in cleaning between kindergartens, high schools, and universities.

Unhygienic and unpleasant surroundings can affect learning at all levels, whether it is in pre-school, secondary school, or tertiary. Unclean schools can have a number of negative effects on students.

School Health – Many viruses are found in schools. Heavily used common areas spread the bugs in schools. This is why it is important to keep bathrooms, surfaces, and eating or food preparation areas clean.

Attendance will be affected if there is an outbreak of illness in a school. If students are always homesick, they cannot perform well in school.

Focus & Performance -If students work in an uncomfortably designed space, they are less productive and focused. The learning environment must be well-maintained and clean so that children can get the most out of school.

Cleaning kindergartens

The atmosphere in pre-schools and kindergartens is full of fun and creativity. The days are full of creative learning activities such as arts and crafts, water play, or playing in the garden or sandbox. It is easy for kindergartens to get dirty, and it’s hard to keep them tidy and clean.

In kindergartens, children share a variety of toys and utensils. It is important to sanitize to reduce the chance of germs spreading from one place or person to another.

Remember that children in the early years of childhood are more susceptible to viruses and diseases. They have a less robust immune system than adults. Although most kindergarteners will have been vaccinated by now, it’s possible that some younger siblings or infants at home may not be fully vaccinated. By keeping their learning environment clean, you can protect your other children.

Cleaning kindergartens will likely focus on the following:

Sanitizing surfaces, tables, and chairs – especially in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Dust, pollen, and other airborne allergies can cause asthma and allergies in young children.

Windows and glass door. Kindergartens are full of little grubby prints. To keep your glass looking clean and new, you must regularly clean it.

Vacuuming, mopping and dusting. Early childcare centers have a lot going on, and the floor is easily dirty. Babies or young children spend a great deal of time playing. The carpet cleaner will be needed to keep it in its best condition.

Cleaning High Schools

It can be a challenge to clean up after older kids. If you have spent any time in a high school, you will know how messy certain areas can be.

Bathrooms are the first thing to come to mind. Unattended bathrooms in high schools tend to become untidy. There will be paper towels on the floor, hand soap/sanitizer over the sinks, and water spilled all over. Here are our tips to improve school bathrooms.

The high schools have less supervision. The kindergarten staff is always with the kids, and they will clean up for them. Teachers in high school don’t perform the same duties, so they are less likely to clean up messes that occur in the bathrooms or classrooms. In high schools, you are more likely to find general trash, leftover food, and discarded garbage.

The cleaning of high schools will consist largely of the following:

To prevent injuries, mop the floors and clean and disinfect bathrooms.

Remove any food or rubbish that may have been left in the classrooms.

Tables in eating areas or canteens should be cleaned.

There may be certain areas in the school that are more messy and need extra attention. These could include woodwork, textiles, or food tech classrooms.

What you are willing to do is what determines whether these things are good or bad. You might find that you are good at paying attention to detail, as kindergartens require a higher level of attention. If you’re more comfortable with general cleaning and aren’t afraid of some extra mess, cleaning high school may be your thing.

Crewcare can help with any of your needs for your school or educational centre. We know that on school days, there is often a lot of mess. Crewcare will be happy to clean it up for you. All of our cleaners have been security-vetted.

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