The Best Home Cleaning Blogs to Follow

Chaos and clutter may creep up on you, even if your intentions are good. It may take a while for you to notice the problem until it becomes a serious one. There are many blogs dedicated to housekeeping that will teach you how to clean and declutter your home. Cleaning blogs can even teach you how to use your new skills in other areas of your life.

The Fly Lady

The Fly Lady combines a house cleaning blog with a club and therapy group. They say that your house did not become a mess in one day, and it won’t be cleaned in one day, either. No judgment is made here. Just help. The system breaks down cleaning into manageable steps, like making the bed. It shows you how to organize these steps into a system for you.

The Fly Lady will teach you how to use the best tools that you have. The tone of the video is just as cheerful, warm, and encouraging as that of the fairy godmother’s logo. The Fly Lady can help you keep your house clean, even if it is not fun.

Clean Mama

The Clean Mama Blog can help if you are looking for a home cleaning blog that focuses on non-toxic, simple ways to keep your house clean. Clean Mama divides cleaning tasks into rooms. Each room includes a checklist with tasks and a list of cleaning supplies. Supplies like castile soap or hydrogen peroxide are usually inexpensive, non-toxic, and natural.

The website offers a variety of products, including cleaning supplies, checklists, and books. There are also printables that you can use to make your own. The tone of the blog is friendly and approachable, like your super organized older sister. We think Clean Mama is the best cleaning blog for DIYers.

The Slob Cleans Up

A slob comes clean and describes itself as a house cleaning blog that is “reality-based”. This is the story of a person’s “detoxification” and journey to orderliness. You may not want to listen to a professional’s advice. You may want to talk to someone who has been through the same situation and overcome it. The book A Slob Comes Clean has it all.

The blog’s friendly, confessional tone makes it nonjudgmental and approachable. You’re getting a pep-talk from your best friend rather than a lecture about housecleaning. The author also shares her stories of how and why the tips worked for her. This is the most entertaining blog we’ve seen on cleaning.

Lemons in a Bowl

A Bowl Full of Lemons writers know that chaos is a part of life. Like many cleaning blogs, ABFOL focuses on bringing order to chaos through a system that includes targeted checklists. This blog is for those who enjoy socializing. It is active on social media, where it posts tips and tricks, and even has a book club.

Join their 14-week challenge to organize your home. Every week, a different area of your house is highlighted, such as the garage. Their writers can also help you manage your household budget.

Talking Dirty to the Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb, the King of Clean, is one of the first housekeeping bloggers. Cobb has become a celebrity with her seven published books, hundreds of TV and lecture appearances, and even her syndicated television show.

The Queen’s blog gives simple tips and advice on cleaning items that many people might not think to clean, such as their can openers. The Queen sells her own cleaning products, but she also shows you how to make them yourself using things that you already have in your home, such as vinegar and tea bags. This is a funny blog that has information you can’t get anywhere else.

Apartment Therapy

According to many home cleaning blogs and websites, decluttering and tidying up can seem like a woman’s domain. Maxwell Ryan’s Apartment Therapy site gives a man’s perspective. The site provides a perspective from the interior design side, which is useful since the whole point of cleaning your home is to maximize the space.

This blog is centered around organizing and decluttering. There’s also info on cleaning supplies and equipment and how to set up a routine. Once the cleaning has been completed, you will find practical, easy-to-implement design advice.

Are you ready?

A well-organized home is a sign of a well organized life. The right blog will help you get started, whether you are looking for inspiration, an organizing system, or design ideas.

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