Shoes at the door mean fewer germs on the floor

Japanese people have been doing this for centuries. They believe that by leaving your shoes outside the front door, you are also leaving the dirt, grime, and “toxic energy” of the outside (at the door).

You may not agree with their ancient, traditional philosophy. Still, you will probably agree that you should leave your shoes outside the door to eliminate dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering your home. Implement a “no shoes” policy to maintain your carpets. You might be surprised by how much difference it makes!

No more dragging your shoes (when you leave them at the door)

How often do you look at the bottoms of your shoes before dragging them across your brand-new carpet? The majority of people do not think before they step. Most people don’t think before they walk.

You could be staining your carpet by walking around with your shoes on. This includes dirt, pollen, petrol fumes, and sand. Your carpets could be contaminated with animal excrement and pesticides. If you have children or pets in your household, it is important to keep your shoes out of the house. This will ensure your home and its inhabitants are healthy.

Display a Sign at the Doorway

If you have forgetful children (or a resistant spouse!), then enforcing the “no shoes!” rule may seem drastic, but after a few days of adhering to your new household policy, it will feel like a habit that has been in place for many years. If you have forgetful kids (or a stubborn spouse!) Put up a friendly door sign. You can add humor to the situation by writing a rhyme that will get everyone involved or remind everyone of your New Year’s Resolution: To keep your carpets as new as possible for as long as you possibly can (and they need to help!).

Create a “No Shoes” Station at Your Front Door

They will follow you if you build it—especially if you give them a “slipper shelf” they can use! You can designate a space near your front door where they can put their shoes when entering your home. If they are uncomfortable walking barefoot, you can buy them slippers of different sizes for children and adults.

It’s best to stop pollution at its source. Enforcing a “no shoe, no service” rule can keep your home and family healthy. This is a great way to keep your carpets looking beautiful between professional cleanings.

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