Facebook Ads for Cleaning Businesses (Advertising Guide)

If you’re looking to build new leads for your cleaning business, then Facebook ads for cleaning companies could be a great option. However, the majority of cleaning companies do a terrible job advertising on Facebook, which only benefits the social media business and not their own.

If you’re trying to pick additional potential leads for your business, then Facebook ads for cleaning companies are a fantastic option.

Sadly, the majority of cleaning companies fail to understand the importance of promoting their business on Facebook, which only benefits the social media business and not the business.

In the following article, we’ll talk about the best ROI Facebook ads strategies for businesses that offer cleaning services.

They can be implemented immediately to earn handsome profits and open your company to a new group of customers, whether residential or commercial cleaning clients.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Your Cleaning Business

Fast Results This article will demonstrate how to set up your Facebook advertisement in less than an hour. Once you’ve started your ad, you’ll be able to begin talking to potential customers on the very same day!

It’s certainly faster than door-knocking or bandit signs, as well as BNI meetings. This is particularly important at the beginning of your business in the field of cleaning and doesn’t have the support of customers who can refer to potential customers.

Big Customer Database: Facebook has an estimated 2.89 billion users. The majority of adults within the US are using Facebook to engage with their favorite content. There is nowhere else that you can interact with such a large number of people at the convenience of your office or home.

Specific Demographics The reason you’re not attempting to market to all the 2 billion Facebook users. Facebook lets you be very precise about the people you’re targeting to maximize the value of your investment.

Compare that with billboard advertising, which costs you for each person who passes through your advertisement, regardless of whether they have an apartment or reside within the area you want to target.

The main takeaway Three reasons alone give Facebook the most effective advertising platform available today to expand the business of your cleaner. With that being mentioned, you need to learn how to make use of it to see a return on investment for your cleaning business and attain the success you want.

Do NOT Do Boosted Posts

The most common mistake that businesses make when they try Facebook ads is using an unboosted post instead of making use of an application like the Facebook Advertisements Manager.

You’re probably currently guilty of it if you’ve already tried your attempt at Facebook ads in the past. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge you).

What’s the difference?

Boosted posts are the simplest method of marketing cleaning services via Facebook. However, (and that’s a BIG but) this simplicity comes with the price of cost since you don’t gain access to the entire Facebook ads dashboard.

What is the significance of this?

The same people will see your boosted post through an ad that you create in Facebook’s Facebook Ads Dashboard. But, you’ll be able to exercise little control in terms of who exactly sees your post, how it appears, and what time they will see it.

This control of creativity is where Facebook Ads generate the most profit. It’s a pity that the majority of business owners are not aware that they’re a step from larger cleaning revenues.

Facebook Business Manager

The first step to take maximum advantage of the Facebook Ads program is to set in place your Facebook Business Manager. Within Your Business Manager, users are able to manage your page/s and ads accounts and even invite other people to work them for you.

If you’re not sure if you’ve set it up yet, go to this URL:

Register an account and input your personal and business details, then click submit.

We’re not going too deeply into the process of setting up the business’s manager within this article. Instead, you can watch this video.

At the end of this video, the business manager you have chosen will be set up with your account, and a brand of your existing or new report will be added to it.

Creating a Campaign

It’s now time to take our money and put it where it’s at and teach you how to earn some cash.

The program will then require you to choose the campaign’s objective. In the next section, we’ll discuss the reason you should select ” Messages” in lieu of other options.

You are able to skip sections that mention A/B Test and Campaign Budget Optimization, along with optimization and delivery.

You’ll now decide on your budget and your audience. Within this area, you’ll be able to select the demographics of your audience and where they live the most, their language of choice, and more.

In a cleaning service, it is a target for homeowners, and we prefer to choose a range of between 27 and 70. You might not be able to reach a few older homeowners or those who are tech-savvy.

But, there are plenty of people in your age group, which could be much less expensive.

If you’re looking to seek post-construction leads for cleaning, you can make sure to target business owners by searching for Facebook page administrators.

Important: To make sure that you are in the section for audience placement, you’ll need to choose manual stations. Deselect Audience Network and Facebook Instant Articles. We’ve observed that these places aren’t as effective as Facebook and Instagram’s timelines & stories. Facebook or Instagram timelines and stories.

The Creative

The final step is to create the perfect idea that attracts the attention of your intended viewers. It is generally accepted video content is more entertaining than photographs.

We enjoy using videos to present viewers with before and after photos. We are looking to build social proof ASAP for potential customers since this helps build trust.

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