DIY Holiday Home Scents!

I’ve previously written about the smells that are characteristic of homes; it’s basically what you smell when entering someone’s home. If it’s your home, you usually do not feel it. If you step into another’s house, you likely will. As the holidays are approaching, there are generally at least a few instances of friends or family visiting. And let’s face it, there are some scents you want to relax with regardless of who’s over. In this regard, we’re looking for ways to alter the fragrances we use at CMSHQ. CMS headquarters and include certain smells that are inspired by the holidays.

DIY Room Spray

If you’re hosting guests to your home and trying to enhance your scent game, especially in the entranceway to your living room or front, You might want to create your DIY room spray. This is a straightforward recipe:

A cup and a half of water.

2 Tbsp of rubbing alcohol.

Five to ten drops of your most-loved essential oil.

It is possible to use more essential oils if you desire a more intense scent. I would suggest that the minimum amount be five to ten drops and the maximum is around 40. Combine all the ingredients into the spray bottle and give the area a chance to spritz it with a spray about 15-20 minutes before the arrival of guests. Be aware that this isn’t an air freshener, where the scent won’t last long. This is a natural product, which means it will fade faster. If you’d like to maintain the smell, it is recommended to keep refreshing it over the day.


A thing Chad recalls the most fondly from his childhood during and around the holiday season is the aroma of baking. One of the things Chad recalls the most fondly from his childhood and during the holidays is the scent from baking the cookies. It’s not just limited to the holiday season. Real estate agents employ this technique every day! They have spreadsheets filled with freshly baked cookies on display when they host an open house to give prospective buyers an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Try it out if you’re a fan of a scent that makes you nostalgic for your childhood. And an as a bonus, you’ll get deliciously baked biscuits to take home!

Essential Oil Diffuser

These things come with many names; however, you should be searching for the ultrasonic diffuser. I like them since they add an amount of humidity to the air (they’re certainly not fully-fledged humidifiers). However, the most important is that they can spread the scent of a room over a lengthy time. It’s as simple as filling it with water, adding about ten drops of the preferred essential oil(s), switching it on, and putting it away. We use it daily and often switch the scents according to the time of year. When it comes to the holidays, I enjoy the mint family. It includes spearmint,¬†peppermint, and snow green. You can add a bit of vanilla to the mix and have the perfect candy cane smell! I also like the scents of trees: balsam cedarwood, fir leaf, frankincense, and clove. These scents are fantastic when combined with the scents of lemon and orange. This is an excellent method to bring the warm aromas of the holidays into your home.

Cleaning Products

It wouldn’t be a Clean My Space video if we didn’t speak about the actual products for cleaning! When you’re getting your home ready for the holiday season, making your hand soap, or creating your homemade cleaners, You can always add scents into your mix. Adding essential oils into these products can make even the most tedious tasks smell amazing if this is logical. Changing it up for the holidays is possible, according to what you’d like your home to smell, or trying one of the scents I’ve described earlier. This year, I’m particularly interested in my Thieves¬†scent for my general purpose and counter-cleaners.

Scented Candles

Candles are an excellent method to let your home smell wonderful. Also, that lovely flickering light helps to brighten things up, especially at this time of year when it’s dark at the end of the afternoon! The biggest problem with candles is that they’re located in a vast range of quality and price. You can have cheap, unpleasant, and weak-smelling candles, and then there are the extravagant candles for $75. There needs to be a middle ground! We take advantage of (in Canada) by going to Winners. They sell out-of-stock or end-of-year and discounted high-quality brand-name merchandise with a considerable discount. You will often find beautiful candles at an affordable price. Candles usually cost $40-$50 and sell for between $10 and $15.

Christmas Trees!

As a child, I didn’t experience the scent of a new (or, more accurately, an imitation) Christmas tree inside my house. However, I have been able to experience the pleasure of the smell of a real Christmas tree. If you’d like to breathe the season’s scent into your home (and you’re a fan of Christmas), you should consider buying a real evergreen conifer tree. It’s sure to be an annoyance, but there are solutions to reduce the mess. In all honesty, your home will smell wonderful when you own the tree. If you’re like me and didn’t grow up with Christmas celebrations, most grocery stores have live trees that can be placed on your mantelpiece, in a vase, or a vase. This still makes it look festive, but it won’t make it a Christmas-themed decoration, but you’ll enjoy the wonderful smell.

Pamper Yourself

It’s now my preferred method of showering. I place 5-10 drops of essential oils (or an oil mix) in the tub after pouring. The hot water and steam will hit the vital oils, carrying that scent through the storm. Whatever scent I add to the rain, that’s what I smell for the duration of my battery. After I’ve gotten this, it’s been my preferred method to shower. Once I shower, I place approximately 5-10 drops of essential oil (or an oil mix) into the tub. The hot water and steam from the shower hit the vital oils and spread that scent through the storm. Whatever scent I add there, I smell for all of the batteries. After I leave the bathroom, it has the most beautiful smell that lasts a long time. If you’re having guests, apply this trick to your bathroom, and you’ll get an enjoyable shower, and the toilet will smell fantastic to your visitors!

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