DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips Made Easy – Cheap and Easy Stain Removal

A beautiful carpet looks stunning and feels warm and comfy beneath your feet. If it is not properly maintained it is likely to be damaged and worn out. Regular vacuuming removes only a small amount of the dust. However, carpets store more dirt than is apparent to an untrained eye. You may be thinking what you can do to get your carpet clean without the need for professional service. Through our expert carpet-cleaning advice, you can maintain your carpet in good condition and remove the toughest staining without spending a fortune for a professional carpet cleaning service in Sydney.

What should you know prior to cleaning your carpet

It is essential to remove the stain as swiftly as possible, especially when it’s still fresh. Don’t attempt to remove the stain. This can make the dirt get further in the carpet. Start by focusing on where the stain is, and gradually move toward the center.

Pouring mineral water on the stain, then taking it off using a cloth or towel can do miracles. If this does not work it is possible that you have to resort to something more powerful. A quality foam carpet cleaner is efficient at removing the toughest staining. Although high-quality foam cleaners may cost a lot, it is certainly less expensive than hiring an expert cleaner. Be sure to adhere to the directions provided by the company that makes this cleaning item.

Make sure you have plenty of time to wash your carpets since cleaning solutions may take a few hours to penetrate the carpet. It is important to inform anyone living with you know the areas that are off limits as you scrub the carpet. Whatever cleaning product you choose to use make sure to start by cleaning an area that isn’t obvious (under the couch, for instance) to ensure that the product won’t alter or harm the material.

Carpet cleaning home remedies – which is the best?

Home remedies are an effective way to remove difficult stains on carpet. They’re cheap and readily available in many homes. They’re also free of chemicals and will not harm the environment like other cleaning products. And if the carpets of grandma’s house were cleaned using baking soda or salt then surely it’s safe to use on your carpet!

Baking powder:

Baking powder is a multi-faceted natural solution to clean any kind of dirt or staining. It can even neutralize bad smells. Sprinkle the powder over the stain and then carefully sprinkle hot water on the points that have been stained. Give the mix some time, and even overnight and apply it with care. If the stain persists it is time to repeat the procedure. You could also add a little vinegar in the solution. But this is only appropriate for carpets with bright colors, since vinegar is bleaching.


Salt is thought to be the most effective solution to red wine staining. Apply salt on the wine right away and allow it to dry. When the salt changes to an orange-red colour then soak up the salt, and repeat the process until the stain is gone. Once again, work beginning at the edge of the stain and work to the inner side. In the event that the stain is not removed, it will continue to grow. In the event that wine dried out, you can make a solution using sparkling white wine, and vinegar. Make sure you test this first on a secluded area of carpet in order to determine the color-fastness.

Lemon juice:

Applying a small amount of lemon juice to the stain, and then wiping it off with a clean cloth can help get a carpet clean and fresh. If you have stains that are particularly difficult to remove mix lemon juice with equal amounts of water and detergent. As with vinegar, lemon juice also has bleaching properties, and is best applied to bright carpets.

Shaving cream:

It’s true that shaving cream could be used as an affordable option to foam carpet cleaner (although for the most challenging staining’s, we’d suggest using the right product). Always ensure that the shaving cream is uncolored and doesn’t contain ingredients like menthol. Apply it directly onto the stain, and allow it to soak for about 20 minutes or so, and then using a scrub brush rub the cream with a gentle stroke. After that, clean the cream using a moist cloth, using blotting instead of rub.

Steam clean frequently

While DIY remedies can work well in getting rid of individual stains as they do occur however, a steamer is an investment worth it, since it will allow you to give of your carpets an exemplary wash every time you require. We suggest once each six-month period, however it could be needed more frequently if you have pets or a large (or filthy!) family. A high-quality steam cleaner is likely to last for a long time, making it a worthy purchase to keep away the need to hire an expert.

We hope that you enjoy our carpet cleaning tips and find them helpful. If you have any suggestions for something we’ve missed, tell us about it in the comment section. We are always interested in hearing about our readers’ tips for cleaning carpets also.


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