Clear clutter from your home with these tips!

Bhogi, also called Indran, is the first day of Pongal. The festival is held to honor Lord Indra, who is revered as the weather god. Farmers also revere him for a successful harvest. Bhogi, on the other hand, is known as a thorough house cleaner, as any Tamilian can tell you.

Traditionally, wood and cow-dung cakes were used to burn unwanted items from the home. While this was going on, young girls would dance and sing devotional songs around the bonfire.

Burning is not as common today. Now, people throw out unwanted items or sell them online.

In the past, clutter in the home could be cleaned up within a single day. With the amount of clutter that we create today, one day is not enough. Here are some tips to help you clear your clutter in a week without putting yourself under too much stress:

Organize yourself. Divide the cleaning chores and make a list of the tasks for each day. I suggest you clean one room per day. Be sure to clean the room a day before Bhogi. Plan.

Sort through your shelves and wardrobes. Remove items you haven’t used for a long time. The old magazines and textbooks take up unnecessary room. Get rid of old clothes and magazines. You have made a resolution to lose weight, but be realistic. You may be able to fit in the jeans that you bought as a skinny schoolgirl.

Sort your items in each room. You can drop anything you’re not sure about in the pile.

What do you consider when deciding whether to discard the items in your sorting pile?

Ask yourself these questions.

Does it really matter to me? Do I really love it?

How many times have I used this product, and how often do I plan to use it if it is retained?

Did it come from a person of importance? Is it associated with any special memories?

After you have done this, you can make a better decision.

Dust the area, replace the sheets, and clean the furniture, countertops, and sinks.

Create two piles once you have cleared out the clutter:

What you have to throw away

Second-hand items that can be donated or sold

Avoid a pre-Bhogi madness by following these simple tips. Happy Pongal.

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