Cleaning Tips From Our Parents

A myriad of things belonging to our households are passed down from one generation to the next generation family heirlooms, photographs, quilts, china, and many more. However, some things are passed to families in ways that aren’t tangible, like recipes and cleaning guidelines.

I published an article last year about seven cleaning tips I learned from my Mom. This article (and YouTube video) received so many positive comments that I chose to write a blog post about 12 tips for cleaning that my YouTube subscribers sent me and that were passed down through their families!

Cleaning Tips From Your Parents

ThatBadBunny offers a great trick to get blood stains off clothes. So this tip is for all parents and grandparents who deal with elbows and knees that have been scraped regularly.

To remove fresh blood (insert the vampire joke here), Cleanse the area promptly with cold water, then put the item of clothing directly in the washing machine. If blood has dried, the stain with hydrogen peroxide. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then wash it in the washer.

Andrea Smith has excellent advice from her mother about buying clothes. Before putting a new garment on, look at the label to see if it has washing instructions!

This is a fantastic piece of tips, and I will be using this for a long time! Cleaning is the essential thing in the right way, and if you don’t wish to wash your clothes by hand or take your clothes to dry cleaners, you might not be able to afford the most expensive blouse.

Christina Powers has dishwashing advice from her mother and dad. Christina’s parents taught their children to wash dishes by hand in a specific order, including glasses, silverware, plates, words, and pots and pans.

What’s the reason for this method? The washing of dishes from clean to dirty is an excellent method to conserve water when filling up your lavatory with soap! I love this method because it’s a great cleaning trick and also because it’s eco-friendly!

Why 18 offers us advice on cleaning from her Mom, who often used to tell her children (in French): si you do not range or deranged, don’t. What is this referring to? If you don’t tidy up, do not untidy!

I like this idea, and it’s beautiful to teach your kids. Family members should be responsible for their dirt if they’re old enough. In the end, I requested my cat to tidy her litter box. However, she was utterly uninterested.

Jennifer Queen came at us with a tip on dusting from her mother. Jeniffer told us that whenever she vacuums, her mother says, get up the lamp and don’t just dust it around.

This tip is what I teach my employees for The My Space Clean My Space house cleaning service. Cleaning isn’t just about what we see. A thorough cleaning includes removing the lamp, cleaning the floor underneath, cleaning the light, and placing it back clean.

Diane O shares a cleaning characteristic from her mother’s hair that stick to soap bars. Yuck, yuck, YUCK! Hiding in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere not connected to a head is disgusting.

When you’ve used the soap bar, wash it off! The other members of your family will take advantage of it the next time. Even if you’re in a home that’s not yours, it looks better. Make sure you pay attention to that soap after you’ve used it.

Write It Down states that their family is and always was a shoe-free family! My family is, too, due to the work that goes into mopping and vacuuming. I don’t want to see it destroyed in a flash due to dirty shoes.

Obviously, I do not always believe guests should follow this standard. Many people must remove their shoes immediately after noticing them on a tray at the entrance. Some cases can be designed to allow shoes to be worn indoors, particularly when you have hard flooring. Please let me know in the comments whether your home is shoe-on or off.

Viola Ilia says, “Don’t put it down; put it away.” This is a fantastic idea. It’s simple for a room to become cluttered. For instance, you’ve finished your coffee and set it on the table. Or you wash your socks while sitting on the couch and leave them on the sofa while your toddler plays with his toys in the center of the room, and finally, it’s time to eat dinner.

If we had an extra 10 seconds to place that cup of coffee in the sink or the dishwasher toss those socks into the laundry basket and put the toys in their appropriate place, and our living space will be clean and tidy and again in a matter of minutes.

Roopali Kalra shared about one of the simple yet often overlooked cleaning tips she received that she learned from her father. Always keep silverware away from the handle when you hand them to others. Don’t drink from a glass or drink at the top of it, as this is where people can place their mouths.

Of course, always wash your hands after drinking or eating and before entering a residence. These suggestions are especially relevant today in the COVID world. I believe they’re a good reminder for both adults and children.

Cleaning Habits From Our Parents

That’s what I like about the 12-word response from The Clean My Space Community on cleaning techniques the parents taught them. There are many more amazing habits I could not share here. If you have a habit of cleaning that your parent leads, write a note and let us know about it!

I am always amazed by the feedback stories from people in the Clean My Space community and getting to know everyone’s new and old cleaning habits. Also, embarrassing patterns are fun too! My secret: I wash all my clothing on the ground after each day. However, that’s a different piece.

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