Christmas Decorating Projects

Happy holidays everyone! We want to help our readers maintain a healthy and clean home. We like to blog on topics such as carpet cleaners and how we can remove dust and dirt in your home.

We decided to help you enjoy a healthy and happy holiday this Christmas. Twelve DIY holiday decorating ideas are on the menu (as a tribute to “Twelve Days of Christmas,” a carol that we all love). These DIY holiday decorating projects are perfect for family and friends and fit in nicely with our “clean and healthy” blog theme.

Make them for gifts or as decorations for your home during this holiday season. Please keep checking back, as we will be posting more projects!

Handprint Ornament

This is the 12th in our series on Holiday Decorating Projects. It’s a great project for children. This ornament is perfect for decorating your tree or giving as a gift to family and friends. These ornaments require very little materials and are simple to make. Paint is a great way to get the kids messy!

Cut the felt into small rectangle strips to make scarves, and cut the black felt into small triangles to make tiny hats.

Use the paintbrush to apply the white craft paint to the child’s hands, covering the palm and all the fingers.

Your child should place the ornament on the flattened palm of their hand with the fingers extended. Close your child’s hand slowly so that it wraps around the ornament. Make sure your child doesn’t wiggle his fingers! Remove the ornament slowly from the palm of the child. Place the ornament in a safe place to dry. Wait two hours minimum for the paints to dry. Send your children to wash their hands.

Use the black Sharpie to add faces to each finger snowman after the paint has dried. Add stick arms, smiles, and noses to your finger, snowmen!

Use orange Sharpie to colorize the noses of the snowmen.

With the glue gun, attach the colored felt scarves and the black triangle hats. Allow the glue to set (about 30 minutes).

With white craft paint and a small paintbrush, you can add the snowfall effect.

You can let your child write their name, the year, and any other message on the palm of the ornament.

Now you have a beautiful keepsake. This project allows you to make multiple ornaments, which you can then give away to friends and family. This project is fun for the whole family and will bring back memories that you can cherish for years.

Holiday Wreath

Next, we’ll show you how to make a beautiful and simple holiday wreath. This project will add a new dimension to your holiday decor. The traditional round wreath is the most common, but you can make any shape you like using these instructions.

Wreath Form 12″ – These are usually inexpensive and available at local craft stores like Michael’s or JoAnn’s.

Cedar Sprigs: You can choose real sprigs at your local florist or tree farm or from your yard. If you want to reuse the wreath next Christmas, artificial sprigs can be purchased from a craft store.

The decor of your choice—Feel free to add small ornaments, jingle bells, pinecones, or other items to the wreath to give it a personal touch. You can also use battery-powered Christmas light strings. Be creative to make this wreath unique!

Assembly of the Wreath

Cut cedar branches into about six-inch lengths. The length may differ if you are using a smaller wreath form. Adjust the length to suit.

Use floral wire to tie together thick bundles of branches. *

* The cedar sprigs will make up six or seven bundles.

Attach the end floral wire to the point you want to be on the top of the wreath.

From that point on, coil floral wire around both the form and the cedar bundles. Continue working around and down.

Place the next bundle with a slight overlap. Continue wrapping the wire without cutting it.

Continue this process until you have wrapped the entire wreath form and worked your way up to the top.

You can make a hanging loop by forming a two-inch long tail.

Use ribbon and microfilament to hang.

Use floral wire, microfilament, or ribbon to add any additional decoration to the wreath.

You’ll have a beautiful, unique wreath that you can use to decorate your front door or hang over the mantle. Make more than one wreath and give it to family and friends as a gift if you are really crafty.

ChrisWire stocking

NextWire will be tackling a classic holiday tradition: the Christmas stocking. Everyone loves the tradition of hWireng a Christmas sWireing over the fireplace every year. This project is perfect for experienced craft enthusiasts, but it’s also not too hard for adventurous beginners. This durable stocking can be used for many years.

Fleece Fabric –Wireose two colors: Wirefor the body and the other for the cuff. Red and white is a classic combination, but any color will do.

Stocking Pattern — You can find inexpensive patterns at your local fabric shop, but because Christmas stockinWireave such a simplWirerm you can also make your pattern.

Cut out the stocking body using the pattern. You’ll need 2 of these per stocking.

Follow the same procedure and order for the cuff fabric and pattern. Set aside a scrap of fabric that is about 3/8 inch wide and 3 inches in length. This piece will be used to create the hanging loop.

Stocking body pieces should be placed with the interior facing upwards on your work surface.

Place the cuffs outside-up so that they overlap the top edge of the stockings by about 3/8 inch.

The pieces that overlap each other can be pinned together.

Sew the seam with a machine. Each half is made up of two pieces.

Fold the small scrap of fabric in half lengthwise and place the matching ends into the seam that runs between the cuff of the stocking and the back of the body. The looped piece should be pinned in place to ensure that the stitching captures the ends.

The stocking should be divided into two halves, with the loop for hanging pinned to one half.

Lay your two stocking halves together, with the inside of the stockings facing you.

Stitch the two halves together, but do not close the opening.

Fold the cuff in the proper direction and turn the stockings right side out.

Now you have a cute little fleece stocking you can enjoy or give to someone else for many years. If you wish, you can embellish the stocking with fabric glue and felt cut into shapes such as snowflakes, stars, or snowmen. You will improve your efficiency and speed if you repeat this process several times. Once you get the hang of this, you can scale up or down the pattern to decorate or wrap gifts. ).

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