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Hi here, Clean My Space readers! I’ve posted several Clean With Me videos on our YouTube channel, but I wanted to publish the Clean With Me article today. If you’re unaware of what it means, I walk through my cleaning routine in real time to allow us to tidy “together.”

Today, we’re working on the daunting task of cleaning out our closet. This task of cleaning up the bedroom is an overwhelming one. I’ve been putting it off for quite a while; however, this morning, it was time to finish the job. We’ll tackle my dirty closet with my three-wave method.

Loading adIf you’re unfamiliar with my three-wave system, look at My Secret Three Wave System for Cleaning. I use it for all cleaning tasks, allowing me to navigate through each room of my home as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Let’s walk into my closet and ensure not to fall!

Closet Clean Out: What You’ll Need

To begin, collect two bins. I like one for clothes to be donated, as well as the other for clothes that I can pass on to my friends and family. Take out your vacuum cleaner, the all-purpose cleaner, a microfiber towel, and a trash bag.

Find a flat, ample space where you can spread everything out. I used my bed for this. However, the floor can also be used. You’ll want all your cleaning tools and products in reach, so you don’t need to move around or rush to the next room. Also, I like to ask for help when I can get it.

Wave One: Full Closet Clean-Out

The first step is quite simple as it only requires one step. Get rid of everything in your closet and put it on a flat surface. We took our closet and stripped it of everything, including all the clothes on top of the shelf, the clothes hanging, and the clothes stored in drawers.

We also cleared out all other things cluttering our closets and suitcases. We also moved blankets, suitcases, shoe boxes, shoes, old hampers, purses, and my bridal gown. I plan to remove my trash bags here and dump any garbage into it. So, goodbye, old receipts, tags, and tags I didn’t take off.

The closet was empty after we had left. I would highly recommend doing a similar one. While it’s a lot of effort, it’s the only way to clear your closet. Additionally, it allows you to host a fashion event, so let me take a break for a moment as I attempt to put on that cute skirt I’ve forgotten about.

Wave Two: Clean Surfaces

In contrast to the first one, the second wave is much faster. However, it’s a crucial wave; you shouldn’t miss this one. Because you’ve cleared everything in your closet, now is an ideal time to tidy it. I don’t know about me, but my closet’s walls and floors are often barely noticeable.

Spray all horizontal surfaces with your general-purpose cleaner and wipe them down with a microfiber towel. Then, make sure the area gets a thorough vacuuming. If your floor requires more than the use of a vacuum, you should read the DIY floor cleaners (Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl)

Wave Three: Purge and Put Back

For the third wave, I recommend calling on all your mental and patience energy as you’ll require it. This phase can take some time and be more overwhelming, so be patient.

You’ll be able to feel each item of clothing you took out in wave one and determine whether to keep it or if it’s gone. If it’s being donated, put it in the donation container. If you believe a person in your family or a friend would appreciate it, put it in the bin. If you plan to put it back in your closet, put it up in the closet or fold it up neatly to store it.

Be aware that it must be put away if you haven’t worn it for six months. If it’s a gift you don’t wear, but need to keep, it’s time to throw it away. You should say goodbye if you continue to pass it around in your closet. This is your opportunity to be accountable for your room is condition.

If you do this, you’ll have an easier, more peaceful, and less messy closet. It’s not easy to part with certain items, but it’ll allow you to have more space in your mind and body and allow you to dress muchsimplystraightforward. Also, the clothes you decide to donate or offer for sale will have a second chance with people who may have the opportunity touse them. So you can feel at ease about it.

I also take this chance to eliminate hangers. Fewer clothes mean fewer hangers! Make sure you keep the best clothes and get rid of the rest.

Bedroom Cleaning: Closet Clean Out

That was quite a bit of work. However, I’m done, and I have four massive piles of clothes to go to a better home (some to relatives and friends and some for donations). There’s one more choice I’m having trouble making, and I’m wondering if I’ll require your assistance.

My wedding gown has been sitting in my closet, and I adore it; however, I haven’t worn it or looked at it since the day we got married. I’m not sure how I’d ever part with it. However, I’m aware that many people give theirs away. What is your opinion? Does it merit giving it away? Or do you hold the item because of emotional motives? Tell me in the comments below.

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