9 Useful Products For Your Home!

I was having some “retail therapy” at Amazon recently and realized it was the perfect time to make another Amazon Haul video!

With this in mind, here are nine innovative, intelligently designed products that can enhance your home and lifestyle to be more enjoyable.

Joseph Joseph Ice Cube Tray

The issue with traditional ice cube trays is twofold. One, it’s not possible to fill all without spilling everywhere. In addition, it isn’t easy to take just one cube from the tray without the entire tray spilling into your drink. This clever design solves both issues, using lids that seal in water (and allow the tray to be infinitely possible to stack) and tabs that let you easily remove the number of cubes you would like without the need for spills.

Mighty Mug

If you’ve ever smashed the coffee directly into the laptop’s keyboard, You’ve seen how expensive this unintentional move can be. Take this mug, which won’t fall over, no matter how many thumbs you work with! A suction-like bottom ensures it remains in place, even when bumped until you grab it to drink it.


Why clean that grimy grout using elbow grease when you could apply some force to it? This tool is designed for the regular drill to bring muscle to cleaning tubs, tiles, and grout. The pad is removable; you can replace it if it becomes too smudgy. Plus, it’s fun!

Mighty Handle

Many trips from your car to home carrying shopping bags can be an effort. But securing loads to the handle makes it easy to get everything in the house in one trip!

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

These litter bins are awe-inspiring in their own right. They’re made of compostable paper. They quickly break down when thrown out. They’re also filled with baking soda, which keeps odor at bay. Change your box at least once a month, and you’ll be good to go.

iHome Alarm Clock

If you are forced to keep your phone close to your bed, at a minimum, this stylish alarm clock offers you a beautiful port to charge it. Bluetooth lets you wake up to music via your phone and alter the watch’s color, or decide to let the color change gradually from one hue in the direction of a different shade. Groovy, man.


The innovative structure of this container permits you to carry liquids on one side and snacks on the opposite, and they will never meet. It is ideal for people traveling, pets, or anyone else!

Bottle Pocket

Make sure you put one of these into your bag while you walk to the dog’s run, as the neoprene bag will keep the water more incredible and cool. The bowl that folds up means that the dog’s drink is always within reach, and the intelligent pockets provide storage spaces for garbage bags.


A vacuum sealer can make your dollars in the end since sucking all of the air from the bags you use for food will increase the lifespan of your food items by five times (and it will also prevent freezing burns). It’s also incredibly satisfying watching the air being taken out of bags.

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