7 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste!

We’re beginning to see more severe consequences of using too much plastic on the planet. It’s impossible to eliminate all plastics from our lives, but there are many ways we can reduce the amount of plastic we put into our homes, eat, and ultimately dump it into landfills. I’m going to show you seven ways you can cut down on the use of plastic within your home.

Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are the most significant factor in our use of plastic. There are a myriad of alternatives. If you’re buying a few things, you can request no bags and take the items yourself. You can also bring bags to go shopping, like bags made of canvas. If you go to an outlet, you can carry a canvas bag along to carry all your purchases in that bag or multiple bags based on what you plan to spend on the day. For grocery shopping, you can use this fantastic product known as BagPodz. BagPodz Recycling Bag as well as a Storage System. It’s a set of six bags that can be reused in tiny pods. It’s so practical. There are many alternatives to choose from. Say no to plastics and affirm a more environmentally green choice.


Microbeads are a fascinating supplement to beauty and health products. They are a problem because they are found in the digestive tracts and stomachs of many small animals on land and in the ocean. In Canada, a ban on microbeads was recently implemented, and many other countries are likely to follow suit. If you’re a fan of the exfoliating properties microbeads can provide, plenty of alternatives are available. Many companies grind up pumice, shells, or beans and then use them instead of microbeads. It still provides that beautiful exfoliation, but you’re not putting something unnatural back into the waters or the natural environment. One of my favorite things to use to exfoliate, besides its numerous other wonderful uses, is baking soda.


Plastic straws are a simple straw that is easy to put down. The best part about straws made from plastic is that they’re usually packaged in plastic, which means you get a double hit. The best choice is to sip the drink straight out of the cup. You can use a reusable straw if you need straws, perhaps for a smoothie or any other type of juice. There are many straws made of stainless steel and glass straws available. It’s straightforward to clean them using just the straw brush. Some sets include two or more. There are even straws that fold up into a straw that can fold into their bag that you can put in your purse, load, and lunch bag. These alternatives are excellent and perform as well, if not superior to a straw made of plastic.

DIY Cleaning Products

If you’re a regular visitor to Clean My Space, you already know that I’m an avid advocate of creating yourself cleansers. It’s not just because it’s less cost-effective, quick, and easy to make; however, cleaners bought from stores tend to be concentrated and contain as much as 90% water. You’re paying for water as well as your plastic container! It’s probably better to reuse the bottle to make many cleaning products. If the spray bottle stops working, you could purchase a replacement one.


Using disposable razor blades rather than an entire disposable razor is a different way to make the right option when it comes to the use of plastic. I used the same shaving blade for around 15 years, and it functioned well. It eventually got to the point that it was disgusting and looked like it was time to upgrade. The handles are all there is that is required to replace the blade when it becomes dull. Consider the amount of plastic I could have thrown into the trash over the past 15 years if I continued to throw the entire razor away every time it required to be replaced! Another aspect to be aware of is that you are more likely to purchase higher-quality blades when using a reusable blade handle. The disposable razors aren’t as effective and don’t last as long.

Eating Out

We all like fast food now and then. You might have noticed that your favorite fast food restaurants and food court establishments are making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. For instance, they serve their food on plastic, washable, and reusable plates, providing you with metal silverware. However, some restaurants are throwing away food, and that’s okay. If you’re deciding on the best restaurant, remember that some establishments are more accountable than others. For instance, Chipotle serves customers a bowl of food or salad with a biodegradable base and an aluminum top. This is much more environmentally friendly than plastic or styrofoam containers.

Reusable Bottles

There are many choices when it comes to reusable water bottles. They come in many sizes and materials as well as designs. I will never leave the house with the S’well bottles. It could be less filthy after all these years, but I’m not worried. It’s effective. I don’t know how many times I’ve said no to the plastic water bottle when I’ve, just as effortlessly and at no cost, had the ability to fill my water bottle. It’s the same for a coffee shop or soft drinks. You can fill up your bottle with the beverage of your preference, and some locations will offer a discount, making use of your own.

This is a subject that is near and dear to me. Everyone at CMS Headquarters takes the matter of the environment extremely seriously. In the last couple of years, the more we’ve learned while conducting research, the more we recognize the importance of being mindful and aware of our environment and area. Many changes are simple to implement, so we hope you’ll try them. The chance.

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