7 Cleaning Services Your Customers Can Benefit From

Residential Cleaning Services

Domestic or household cleaning can be described as the act of cleaning someone’s house while they are away or present. Customers choose to spend their hard-earned money on domestic help because it allows them to spend more time with their families and less on household chores.

  • Crew, You have the option to fly solo or to hire staff. Housecleaning jobs are usually small and manageable.
  • Opportunities: Statista Reports that the market for household cleaners is expected to grow to 40.38 billion in 2025
  • Services: It all depends on who you are working with. The most common cleaning services in this category include room cleaning, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning. You can add on ironing, cleaning strata, or washing services.
  • Startup Cost: There is no barrier to entry, so your startup costs will be very low
  • Equipment

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is also known as cleaning office spaces. It involves cleaning office spaces, schools, community facilities, and other commercial buildings. Cleaning can be done during normal business hours or after hours.

  • Crew: Because office premises are generally larger than average homes and require more time and money, you will need to have a team.
  • Opportunities: Recent research on cleaning services has shown that commercial cleaning services have the highest revenue from different cleaning services, with an expected growth rate of 5.8%
  • Services: Common services include cleaning and maintenance carpets, upholstery, and windows.
  • Cost: This is a highly competitive market, and your investment will be greater since you will require specialist cleaning equipment, crew members, and transport. Some states require that businesses obtain proper licensing before getting into commercial cleaners.
  • Equipment: Although some offices have their cleaning equipment, it is not common for them to be equipped with the necessary tools.

Janitorial Cleaning Service

Many people mistakenly use the terms janitorial or commercial cleaning services interchangeably. However, they are very different. Commercial cleaning is more involved in deep cleaning tasks and larger maintenance of buildings, such as schools, offices, or factories.

  • Crew: Since there is always work, it is wise to have a team.
  • Opportunities: In a recent study, the Global Janitorial Service analyzed the market for 252.79 Million in 2019. This market will grow at 3.1% annually by 2027
  • Services: This covers all the usual maintenance tasks for buildings and premises, such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming, garbage disposal and air duct cleaning. It also includes changing bulbs and refilling tissues.
  • Cost: Investments and costs may vary depending on which application (residential or commercial) you select and what equipment you use.
  • Equipment: There are two options for cleaning products and equipment. You can also choose to use your old hand-cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

While they might sound very similar, laundry and dry cleaning are completely different. Dry cleaning is different. While laundry cleaning uses detergents and softeners to clean clothes, dry cleaning uses high-quality chemicals to get rid of stubborn stains and grease.

  • Crew: Laundry businesses require premises, and proper dry cleaning techniques mean that you will need a team.
  • Opportunities: In 2022, $180billion, the global dry-cleaning/laundry services market was valued at approximately $118.9billion in 2018.
  • Services Although equipment and articles are the same, and services are offered vary. Either you can offer laundry services yourself or hire someone to clean your clothes for you. You can also dry clean, fold and fluff your laundry.
  • Cost: The initial investment for your website can be minimal or substantial, depending on the location and staff you choose, as well as equipment and other factors.
  • Equipment: You have the option to wash clothes by hand or invest in machines like industrial laundry equipment.

Sanitization and Disinfection

It is crucial to ensure that your home and office are free from viruses and bacteria that could cause allergies, colds, or other symptoms. To ensure safe human inhabitation, disinfection uses both chemical and physical means.

  • Crew – Although the guidelines aren’t as strict as medical sterilization, it is better to have a qualified team of cleaners.
  • Opportunities: There will be an increase in the demand for the Disinfection and Sanitizing Services Market in current circumstances. This market is currently valued at $612.91 million (2019) and will rise to a staggering $11,121 million by 2020
  • Services Although both methods are decontamination, their results and application differ. Disinfection kills bacteria and viruses that live on inanimate objects, while sanitization removes microbes from surfaces and equipment.
  • Cost: Although it is relatively inexpensive to offer sanitization services, it requires specialized training to do the job effectively.
  • Equipment: It is important to keep up with technological advances in the market and adapt to them.

Green Cleaning Services

The term “green” describes a movement to protect our environment and ecosystem. This cleaning service aims to do more (cleaning) with fewer chemicals (chemicals). Businesses can show social responsibility and respect by supporting green cleaning services.

Furthermore, commercial and government agencies consider green cleaning services worth their salt if properly certified. There are many green cleaning services on the market. However, Green Seal and ISSA are the most sought-after green-cleaning certifications.

  • Opportunities: According to a recent Neilsen report, consumers today are more concerned about sustainability and will pay more for sustainable products
  • Advantages: All governments around the globe recognize the importance of eco-friendly services. As such, they offer a variety of financial incentives for cleaning service providers who choose to go green.
  • Crew You can use your existing team to provide green cleaning services. However, you will need to train them in green cleaning techniques and how to use green cleaning equipment and supplies.
  • Price: This cleaning service is easy to start with a modest investment. However, special green cleaning products can help increase the cost of cleaning supplies.
  • Equipment: Businesses need high-performance cleaning gear to do more with less. They are more reliable, secure, and advanced than their older counterparts.

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing is a cleaning process that uses a strong stream of water (from a high-pressure water jet like a jet washer or power washer) to clean dirt-ridden floors, mouldy buildings and loose paints on walls. It also cleans grime-filled vehicles, grime-filled items, and other hard-to-clean surfaces.

  • Crew: You don’t need to have too many people in your crew, nor do they need extensive training to complete their tasks.
  • Opportunities: In 2019, the global pressure washing market was valued at USD 1.88 billion and is forecast to grow to US 2.03 billion in 2025
  • Services Most pressure washing services take care of external cleaning tasks like clearing concrete driveways and parking lots and washing high-end industrial machinery used for manufacturing, transport, and food processing purposes.
  • Price: Pressure washing, unlike other professional cleaning services, requires a significant initial investment to purchase the trailer, chemicals and pressure washing equipment, as well as license fees, operating permits, insurance, and licensing costs.
  • Equipment: To make your customers believe in you, you will need the best pressure washing equipment. It can be quite expensive.

Strong customer loyalty and growth are the top priorities for most small and medium-sized cleaning businesses worldwide. However, too few cleaning business owners concentrate on expanding their services to take advantage of new opportunities and strengthen existing customer relationships.

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