10 Contact Points to keep your home clean this cold and Flu Season!

Are you living in an incubator for the flu or cold bug?

This is an excellent method to stay clean this winter. It’s not intended to turn you into an anti-germophobe. It’s created to give you confidence to know what to do so you don’t have to sweat it out!

Loading adIn the world of cleaning, there are certain areas known as points of contact…they appear insignificant, but they’re the perfect breeding ground for the spread of germs throughout your home. What exactly is a “matter of communication, you might ask? It is the surface you (or other people) are frequently touching. While some might seem simple to you, like knobs for doors or plates for lighting switches, There are others that we are prone to overlook, such as keyboards, drawer handles, and soap pumps.

It’s only a matter of a second to consider the number of objects you touch and take a moment to think that you take a bite, scratch your eye, and so on. in the same hand. There is a higher chance of transferring something when the contact point is filthy.

It’s no surprise that washing your hands regularly is essential, too…that can be highly beneficial in keeping your hands clean in winter.

What’s the most effective method to cleanse an area of contact?

It’s a simple process that can be applied to any place of contact. Start with a high-quality material (I would recommend microfiber), as you don’t want to leave any traces on the surface. Take an anti-bacterial and spray the contact point. The product should sit damp on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, wipe it away using a cloth, ensuring no water marks are left on the surface (you would like to take all the contents with you). It may not be feasible depending on the type of surface (i.e., the keyboard, light switch). So, if this is the case, the best option is to apply disinfectant to your cloth and thoroughly cleanse the affected area. If you want to create your homemade disinfectant, look at this blog post that will teach my preferred recipe!

If you clean the surfaces you’re cleaning, you might not be doing the type of work you’re required to do to rid your dwelling of these bugs. Remember that there is a difference between a disinfecting process and cleaning. I wrote a video and post that explains the difference in great detail, which can be found here!

If someone brings home an illness such as a cold or flu, take a look at a second cleaning session mid-week to get rid of those germs. All you have to do is concentrate on the primary contacts (especially those the person who is sick has used), and you’ll be able to decrease the spreading of germs throughout the home. It’s easy and efficient!

If you are looking for a high-quality cleaning tool, look at Maker’s Clean Professional Products. They’re reliable and won’t be able to keep you waiting!

Where should you be doing this? Let me share my top 10 contacts to help you get going:

Incorporate these ten spots in your routine cleaning. It takes a minimum of time and can have a massive effect on the overall wellness of your home.

Door Knobs & Locks

This is true for all door knobs around your home, including tiny ones. While we didn’t discuss this during the discussion, I’d suggest you also give the alarm keypad a clean-up.

Light Switch Plates

I’ve seen a few with brown and black marks because they weren’t cleaned for many years. Be aware of these hotbeds of germs! If they’re truly hard, you can use a cleansing brush to remove any build-up gunk accumulated in the crevices.

Cupboard Handles & Drawer Pulls

There are many of these in the home: bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Don’t forget to put in handles and pulls for kitchen appliances, too!

Hand Railings

Many people think that they are self-cleaning. I don’t know many who clean these, but they are crucial because we’re constantly touching them!

Toilet Flushers

This is a no-brainer, and even if we wash our hands after we use the toilet, this can significantly minimize the spread of germs by keeping the area free of germs.

Faucet Handles

The bathroom or the kitchen does not matter. They get dirty and grimy and require regular cleaning.

Soap Pumps

With the introduction of touchless soap pumps, we might not require this; however, until soap pumps are obsolete, the ‘pump’ portion of the bottle needs to be kept clean to keep bacteria away.


Whatever phone you use (I do not have a landline), keeping them in good condition is essential. We can touch them and keep them close to our mouths. They can get soiled! Go through this article for tips on how to clean your smartphone.

Keyboards & Mice

They could be the worst culprits when it comes to spreading bacteria. Posts on our site show people how to clean their electronic devices and disinfect them safely. Find the article here!

Remote Controls

We do various things when watching TV, and traces remain at each remote’s end. They’re dirty and very communal, so ensuring they are clean can keep the family healthy. Discover how to clean your remote correctly here!

Preventative Maintenance

Therefore, practicing good care of yourself and checking your contact points regularly will drastically decrease the spread of cold and flu throughout the house.

So this winter, concentrate on clearing snow and de-icing your car and avoid slipping on the ice patches and other fantastic winter activities…yeah I’m not a fan of white stuff. However, regardless of the weather, you’ll never be fighting off colds or the flu!

To learn more about cleaning tricks, look into the E-Book Bundle! It contains three E-books (The Comprehensive Guide for Essential Oils, My 3-Wave Cleaning Method, and 50 daily cleaning tips) and will help you get up and running with all the required cleaning tips!

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